27 December 2008

The Christmas Day Bike Ride

Leaving Clontarf after a Pleasant Day Cycling. I am afraid I am Cheating here as it was not this Dark at 2.30 pm and the Dart Train does not Run on Christmas Day anyway or the Buses for that matter either. But you get the message well dont you NO ??? Je Suis Desole. Well OK it was a nice Picture wasnt it. Happy Christmas and a bright New Year.

The Christmas Day Bike Ride

Dry Land Stationary Sailing Boat Sculpture,on the Seafront Promenade at Clontarf.

The Christmas Day Bike Ride

Torture Massage Machine on the Seafront Promenade at Clontarf. Apparently the Idea is to stand with your back against the Yellow Post Bars and Raise the Black Bars Behind you with your Hands.

The Christmas Day Bike Ride

Spotted on the Seafront Promenade at Clontarf,the Chinese Torture Machine. These are New,there is a few of these along the Promenade.Teaching People all about Tai Chi.

A bit of Imagination at last from Dublin City Council. The Idea is to turn these with your Hands in Either Direction to the Right or Left.

A pity they the Dublin City Council do not stretch their Imagination to providing more Cycling Parking Racks around the City. Also a Bit of Imagination is called for by providing more Artistic Shaped Cycle Racks in the Shape of Bike Wheels for instance or Bicycles like they have in other European Countries instead of the Ubiquitous U Shaped mundane PlainBike Racks we have at moment. Take the Boredom out of Dublin Please.

The Christmas Day Ride

Still a few Blooms Left Flowering. I Remember that Song The Last Rose of Summer,this must be the Last Rose of Winter.

24 December 2008

Happy Christmas Joyeaux Noel Tout Le Monde

Happy Christmas Joyeaux Noel Tout Le Monde

I spotted this lovely Old Bike being used to Advertise Jack's Barbers in Montague Street off Camden Street when I was in the City of Dublin Today. It gives a nice Christmasy touch.Happy Christmas to everybody out there who Visit my Site wherever in the World you might be from, Best Wishes for the New Year.



A Group of True American Citizens Visiting Dublin from Mexico,Argentina, Peru. Singing Songs of Peace and Harmony for the World. Preaching about Mankind Destroying the Planet Earth. Calling for the People to Restore the Equilibrium of the World and not to Pollute it.Also Singing about the Conquest of America and Displacing the Original Inhabitants.

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

My Dog Rocky who Died on the 30 of July 08 a former Dogs Aid Dog

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

My Bike,and the Lady who runs the Sanctuary.

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

I paid a Visit to Dogs Aid Sanctuary Yesterday 22/12/08 as I have not been there in a Good while. They had moved from a Temporary Shelter in Saint Margarets Road at the back of the Airport which they had on Loan for 10 Years to their New Permanent Home at Meakstown. I have been a Member of Dogs Aid for about 8-10 Years and I got my Dog Rocky off them in 1995. Unfortunately Rocky Died on 30 of July Last ,He had to be put to Sleep as he Collapsed and could not get up anymore owing to very Bad Arthritis. He was 13 1/2 Years Old. Dogs Aid has been in Exiestance since I think 1987 and was Founded by Two Women in Ballymun. They could not bare to see Animals Suffering after having been Lost and eventually Ending up in the Dog Pounds and then being put to Sleep . Dogs Aid has a Policy of not putting to sleep any Animal unless it is in Great Pain or Suffering and only at the very last resort,and will try everything to get the Animal Healthy and possibly into a good Home or else they will keep them themselves where they can Live Happily ever after in the Sanctuary. I give them a few Bob sometimes and have Helped them the very very odd occasion. They need People to Contribute to help them as it is very costly to Feed the Animals ,and they have to built the New Sanctuary. So if you can send them a few Bob they are in Dire need always. You can buy A few Bricks for €20 Euro Each and get a Lovely Brick Lego Key Ring for each Brick. Contact Dogs Aid at www.dogsaid .ie. They also do T Shirts as well as Collections in various Supermarkets. Thank you. They are situated at ,go up Mc Kee Avenue past the small Roundabout and go up to Charlestown and at the Roundabout turn left and then right for Meakstown Cottages and at the bottom of Meakstown Cottages go through the Gates and follow the Road down to the Sanctuary.

10 December 2008

Cycle Path at Fairview Park

Typical when coming in to the City of Dublin on the Cycle Path beside Fairview Park ,somehow there is always a Pedestrian walking on the Cycle Path inspite of the signs on the Ground.

You give a Ding Ding Ding on your Bell and say excuse me and they give a little Jump with the Fright and Apologise.

They are nearly always Walking with their back to you.

Click on the Picture for a bigger view of Caption.

03 December 2008

The Bowl of Flowers.

A bit of Cheer on these Frosty Winter Days.The Bowl of Flowers outside my Hall Door. I thought these were Dying out in October but suddenly went Mad and started Flowering again about a Month ago,Nice for Christmas.

GPO O'Connell Street

Display in the GPO.

Nativity Display of Moving Figures, in the GPO O'Connell St

Big Jim Larkin,O'Connell St.

Big Jim Larkin Surveys all from his Podium,stirring the Workers to fight against Oppression in the Workplace. Dont let the Buggers get you down.

christmastime in O'Connell St.

Princes Street,beside the GPO.

It is better to take your Bike away from Here when it is Nightime. It gets Deserted Here and very Quiet.

O'Connell Street.

Central Promonade in O 'Connell Street

There is not enough Racks for Bike Parking in the City we could do with more of them.

29 November 2008

Nasty Road Rage Incident in Garristown, Nth Dublin.Involving Cyclist's

I came to hear of this second hand from an English Site on Cycling Advocacy Velochicks Site

http//cyclingin4+4country.wordpress.com She got it from http//crapwalthamforest.blogspot.com who is a Cycling Advocat who mainly Dishes the Dirt on Bad Cycling Infrastructure in his Area of london. I am Indebted to him for Highlighting this because I would never know about it.

The Outrage happened on Saturday November 1/11/08 and was reported in Evening Herald on Thursday the 27th of November last.
Dublin Wheelers Cycle Club Training in the Area for 75 Years in Nth Dublin and Meath
A group of 13 Cyclists out Training in Garristown in North County Dublin was Mown down by a Mad Driver who got annoyed that he was Held up by them. The Thirteen Cyclists were sent Flying like Skittles in a Bowelling Ally.One of them Wesley Murphy from Monkstown was seriousley injured thought at first to have Broken his Back was treated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitalin Drogheda for a Broken Collar Bone and Broken Ribs, who it will take him at least Six Weeks to Recover and might still not be able to get back on his Bike for some time. Another Cyclist was dragged for some considerable distance by the Vehicle and his Clothes was Ripped to Shreds,they thought he was seriousely Injured but only Superficially so . 15 Witnesses are Helping the Gardai in Duleek Police Station in Nth County Dublin. A lot of stuff happens that is not reported because a News Person was not on Site at the Time. No Person was Killed so it just becomes a Statistic on Government Files to be Locked away from Sight. Just because it was a Bunch of cyclists nobody was interested or cared very much . This Area of North County Dublin is not far from the Town of Swords, it is a very Rural Area still and a lot of Accidents happen Late at Night and Early Morning Particulary at Weekends because of People coming Home from Clubs and Pubs in Swords and the City of Dublin 12-15 Miles away. Because of it's Location an Accident can Happen and nobody turns up on the Road for awhile, the Area is Deserted of People as it is just all Farmland for Miles. It is a Warren of small Country Lanes and Cars and Trucks Fly along the Roads at Breakneck Speeds and no Police to catch them Speeding along. A lot of Motorists think they just own the Roads and just Hate Cyclists, and they will have to Learn to Share the Roads with other Road users . I hope this Person that did this is eventually Caught and given a Stiff Prison Sentence and put off the Road for Life with also a Hefty Fine of a few Hundred Thousand Euro. This is Attempted Murder,a Deliberate Attempt to Kill People make no mistake about it. In a Proper Country this would Merit a Prison Sentence of Thirty Years but with our Micky Mouse System in The Emerald Republic he would be Lucky to get Six Months only.

27 November 2008

Nice English Pashly Bike.

These Bikes are Hand Built in Stratford on Avon in Britain . With Sturmy Archer Three or Five Speed Gears with Drum Brakes and Hub Dynamo ,also with full Chain Guard and Skirt Guard to keep off the Mud and Brooks Leather Saddle. Very Slow Bike movement,Style over Speed. I saw one Shop so far selling these Bikes in Dublin(Penny Farthing Bicycles in Camden Street). I saw this Bike Yesterday when getting my New Spec's in GPO Arcade off Prince's Street and Henry Street. At least now I can Read without my Eyeballs being Sore.

20 November 2008

Brown Thomas.

High Class Shopping on Grafton St,This is the Place to come to.

This is the Equivalent of Harrods in London ,very Stylish and Chick.

Bewleys Bespoke Coffee Shop

Famous for over a Hundred Years, Founded by the Quaker Family Bewleys it nearly closed down a few Years ago but was saved from Destruction when Bought by Campbels Catering. It still carries on in a Grand Tradition of Providing Excellent Coffee and Food in an Oriental Emporium on Grafton Street. Their other Cafe's were sold unfortunately but this was the most important as it is the Original one that the Bewley Family started first.

Molly Malone.

Or as She is Affectionately known as by Dubliners (The Tart with the Cart)

Christmas is in the Air.

19 November 2008

Cigars anyone

The Cigar Shop.

Laura Ashly

Chistmas Lights in Grafton St

Does the Crystal Chandelier Light up the Painting in the Hall.

Boer War Memorial .

Boer War Memorial,St Stephens Green

The Boer War Memorial, The Dead and Injured of The Irish Regiment The Dublin Fusiliers who Fought in the Boer War of 1899-1901.

Boer War Memorial,St Stephens Green

Christmas in Grafton St

Dutch Bike in South King Street

The same Bike with a nice Brooks Saddle although the Name was missing on it.

Dutch Bike in South King Street

I spotted this Nice Bike in South King Street,With Van Der Falk Written on the main Lower Tube Frame, it is the Name of an Old Dutch Detective Series from the 1970-80ties on either BBC or ITV with mostly British Actors set in Amsterdam. On the Seat Tube Lower down was Written Meyer Rahmen and I think Hoogeveen although I could not get close enough to make it out properly as it was in Luminous Green Paint and Blurry to my Eyes anyway.

Electra Bike.Mercer St,

Nice Dutch Style Bike from the USA going by the Label on it.

Electra Bike.

Break for the Border.

Magnificient Bronze Sculpture of an US Indian Warrior by Freric Remington outside the Popular Watering Hole in Dublin Break for the Border in Mercer St, beside South King Street

Lady with the Azor.

I was in Dublin City for to get my Eyes checked,and I saw this Woman with Her lovely Dutch Azor Bike and it looks like one of David Hembrows Baskets she has. These are getting very Popular now by Both the Female and Male of the Species as they are Handy for one's Briefcase, Groceries , Or Doggy. She Told me she has the Bike New since 2001 although it is a bit Battered, it gets plenty of use. These Dutch Bikes are very comfortable ,I know because I have an Azor myself and can testify to that. I have seen this woman before in South King St but did not get the chance to Photograph the Bike.

Lady with Her Azor

Specks for Africa

I was down at Speck Savers in Henry Street Today for my Eye Test and Ordered New Glasses.

I checked out about Recycling my Old Specks as they are all over the House and some are Manky Dirty with Grease and Hairs from Lying around after Collecting the Detritis of Years in Cuboards.

So here is the Collection the Majority are of the Deirdre Barlow Variety with two or three of the more Modern Style.
I asked in the Optician where would they be going to,as I Preferred that they were not making Money out of it on the side but rather they were being sent to Poor People who could not Afford them like in Africa. The Assistant said first they would be sent to UK and be sorted by Prisoners and they do a very Hard Job at checking what Type of Strength is in the Lenses are they any Good can they be Fixed etc. She said they Work long Hours at it. Eventually they will be sent out to needy People in Africa who cannot Afford Specs. So I will be collecting my New Specs, Two Pairs one will have React Lenses that go Dark with the Sun and the other is Clear Glasses the Two Pairs are Varifocal. At least on the 26 of November next Wednesday I will be able to Read in Peace without my Eyes getting Sore ,Bliss.

At Last Appointment for Eye Test

After Replying to Http// www.velochickcyclingin4+4country wordpress .com it has encouraged me to make an Appointment for an Eye Test.

I keep getting reminders from Sweden of all Places,that is where they send out the reminders from. I must be on their Computers at Head Office over there. British Cyclochick mentioned about getting an Eye Test and New Contact Lenses.

I have a Moxey load of Old Specs in Cabinets and Drawers all over the House that I kept for Spares but it is getting out of Hand,I will have to try and Recycle them. The Appointment is for Tomorrow or rather later on in the Morning as it is now 2.15 am and it is at 1.00pm on the 19 of November. My Eyes are beginning to suffer from Eyestrain when Reading,I am constantly bending my Head up and down to try and Focus the Specs on the Page. I am Reading that Book I got at the Weekend Last (The Third Policeman by Flann Obrien) Real Name Brien O' Nolan ,also he used the Name Myles Na Gopaleen( The Little Horse) He could not use his Real Name as he Worked in the Irish civil Service as a Secretary to Government Ministers. A sort of Irish Version of Sir Humphrey from that Series Yes Minister

18 November 2008

Old Style Bike, South King Street

I spotted this lovely Old Style Bike in South King Street. From the Writing on the Lamp and Bell it is either Dutch or German.

14 November 2008

The Pelican Blood Doner Brooches

These are the Brooches you get from The Blood Doner Board for giving a Pint of Blood in Ireland.

If you give I think it is 15 Pints they give you a Silver Depicted on the Left and A Gold on the Right for 20 Donations and a Special Gold for being Good in giving 50 Donations. So the Blood Donation Service is very Short of Blood and they need it badly at this time of year. So come all you Cyclists and even Motorists and Pedestrians and everybody over the Age of 18 to Draculas Blood Bank and give The Red Stuff.

I said I would Post a Picture of the Badges for A Visitor from the UK on my Site She is http//velochickcyclingin4+4 kent. She has a Load of very Interesting Cycling Blogs and other Blogs .

12 November 2008

alcohol Sport and You

This is the little Booklet that I got together with the Outdoor Magazine Freeby when I bought my Bike Jacket. It is very interesting, it is all about the Effects of Alcohol on your Fitness in Sport, stop Drinking at least 24 Hours before sporting Activity,make sure you take plenty of Water, I can Drink more because I am Fitter ,big mistake.

It is by drinkaware.ie or call them on +353 (0)16114811

Freeby from the Hiking Shop

When I got my New Coat they Threw in this outdoor Magazine as well,Nice of them and another little Booklet as well warning of Mixing Alcohol with Sport.Were they trying to tell me something.

New Bike Jacket.

I went into Dublin City to Easons to Buy a Book, The Third Policeman, and then went to the Hiking Shop, The Great Outdoors in Chatam Street to have a look at a Gortex Jacket I was interested in for wearing on the Bike. I wanted something Bright for the Dark Nights as all my Jackets are Dark either Olive Green or Dark Blue. I decided on Red as I do not like Yellow. I tried on several with the Help of two very Friendly Girl Assistants,and eventually picked this one for €280.00 and some stuff for cleaning it Nikwax Tech Wash and they gave me a free Outdoor Magazine as well. They were very Friendly and Helpful and did not Hassel you and let you get on with choosing what you liked but gave good Advice as well. I can never get anything that I like in Bike Shops but end up in Hiking Shops instead .