29 January 2009

Grilled Kipper and Tomato for Breakfast

I grilled Kipper and Tomato with some Olive Oil drizzled on it to keep it from Burning , lovely Food.

Washed down with several Mugs of Tea AAAAH Burp that was Nice.

Healthy Food for Dinner

Brown Rice with Garlic and Herbs with Carrot Peas and Celery.

Followed by Plaice,I mixed some Mustard Lemon Herbs Milk White Wine Vinegar and Put Fish on Foil and Coated it with the Mustard Mix.

Then I closed up the Fish Parcel in the Foil and Placed it in a Pot of Water just covering up the Side in a Bain Marie Style and Cooked for around Ten Minutes, Lovely Bon Apetit.

Nice Dawes Heritage Bike.

These are the Nice New Dawes Heritage Bikes out now,I am impressed.This is the Diploma Ladies Bike,very slow Bike movement style.

28 January 2009

Oifig an Phoist/Post Office Delivery Bike

This seems to be a Bigger Bike than the Previous one I Photographed.These are the New Bikes they have now,they are not as Big and Bulky as the Old Type. They have Schwalbe Maraton Tyres and Three Speeds.I still dont know the Make of the Bikes ,I asked the Postman and he had a look but could not find any Name on it.

Parking on the Cycle Lane,not a care in the World

This is Harcourt Street outside Harcourt Square the Main Police Forensic Centre and most of these are Probably Police Cars. They are all Parked on the Cycle Lane with not a care in the World. These Cycle Lanes are supposed to Protect the Cyclist and not for Parking on. Nobody is bothering to enforce The no Parking on Cycle Lanes in Dublin,and anyway it is very Hard to avoid being Doored when you are on these Lanes with Motorists not looking when they get out of their Cars.

22 January 2009

Cycling Fatalities for 2008.

I was just Reading in Relation to the Cyclist being Killed on Harolds Cross Road, Fatalities of Cyclists n 2008.

There was 279 People Killed on Irish Roads Last Year and out of those were 14 Cyclists.

There were 22 Cyclists Killed over the Last 7 Years with 16 being killed by Trucks and 4 by Cars and a Bus,so a Big Problem with Lorries knocking down Cyclists. Be careful out there especially at Rush Hour.

Warning Lorries of Approaching Cyclists

On the European Continent now they have Infra Red Devices on the Traffic Poles to warn Car and Lorry Drivers of Cyclists approaching on the inside at Traffic Lights. I think this is great as it will save a lot of Lives.We could do with these in Ireland.

The Authorities should force all Lorry Drivers to fit the New Mirrors to Show the Blind Spots around Lorries like they have now in Europe,vitally important.

Cyclist Killed on Harolds Cross Road,Dublin.

A Cyclist in his 30ties was Killed on the 14/1/09 at 10.30 in Morning on Harolds Cross Road by a Cement Mixer outside Rudges Cycle Shop . This Road is always very Congested at any time of the Day and there are often a lot of Accidents.This Story was reported in the Irish Times and I did not see anything about it on Television.

There is no proper Cycling Infrastructure in Dublin with very badly designed Cycle Lanes often very narrow at 2 1/2 Feet. We could do with Segregated Cycle Lanes of 7 1/2 Feet Unidirectional with Parity given to Cyclists at all times. On these Cycle Paths I see signs saying Cycle Path 7 -1900 mon -sat why is this Cycle Lanes should be 24 Hours all Day and every Day including Sunday.
Cars should be Ticketed for Parking and Driving on Cycle Lanes but in Ireland this is not the case with Cars Driving on and Parking on Cycle Lanes.Traffic should not be allowed to cross over the Cycle Path to Park but rather the Cycle Path should be Segregated from Cars in Order for the General Public to see it is safe to Cycle on our Roads then we might get more People using their Bikes.

18 January 2009

My Bike

This is a nice Picture of my Bike at Howth North Dublin in the Summer.See the Weather is not always Raining and when it is nice and Warm with the Sun Shining it is the Best Country in the World.
If anyone is interested I have a lot of Bike Related Pictures on Flicker, Norbert Malone is the Name I use and also I have Three Videos on You Tube ,Sunnyjoe 66 is the Name I use.Whatever you do keep on Cycling

15 January 2009

Bicycle Parking in O ' Connell Street.

Because of the Downturn in the Economy and People wanting to keep fit and Healthy more People are using Bikes. But it has a long long way to go to catch up on the Netherlands. Still we could do with a lot more Bicycling Parking in our Cities and Towns.There is a Pathetic amount of Parking Spaces with People Locking up their Bike to Trees and Poles. We could also do with some Nice fancy ones ,Parking Racks in the shape of Bicycles and other Subjects.It would look good and improve the Landscape of the City for Dubliners and Tourists alike.

Irish Postman on Bike,Malahide Road Dublin 3

A Rare sight now, not many of these Postmen Delivering Letters By Bicycle anymore. The Bikes are usually bigger than this with a Rack in Front and Back loaded down with Mail. These are either the New Bikes now or they still have the other ones as well .I must keep an Eye out for them.

On Rare occasions I might see one of these on my Road,about every two or three weeks when my own Mailman is not around.

My Mailman has a Car and stops outside my Door and takes a Bag of Letters out and Walks around the Housing Estate Delivering the Mail. So it is unusual when a Postman on a Bike Delivers the Mail. I see more of them in the Summer Months.

Irish Postal Delivery Bike.