29 January 2009

Grilled Kipper and Tomato for Breakfast

I grilled Kipper and Tomato with some Olive Oil drizzled on it to keep it from Burning , lovely Food.

Washed down with several Mugs of Tea AAAAH Burp that was Nice.


The Jolly Crank said...

Your breakfast sounds delicious--I love kipper!

le homme au la velo said...

Yes it was quite Tasty,Ilike Fish a lot Thanks.

theurbancyclist said...

That looks delicious. Probably stinks the place out but what the hell


le homme au la velo said...

I love most types of Fish and I am Immune to the Smell. The fact that the House is small makes the Odour of Cooking spread around more. If I have been out and come in I can get the Smell then,it does not bother me but only other People depending what I have been Cooking. I already mentioned to you before on your Blog Cycling in 4+4 country that I sometimes have Kippers so here it is. The Proof is in the Eating, Thanks Velochick.