31 October 2008

Trip to Circumnavigate The World by Velo

A very interesting Topic was on the News Tonight. Two Intrepid Young Irish Road Warriors Intend to set out to Circumnavigate the World by Bicycle. They Intend to set out from their Hometown of Greystones about 25 Kilometre or 15 Miles South of Dublin City. It will take them 18 Months to complete and they are Collecting for Charity in the Fight against Cancer.

They Are Simon Evans and Fearghaill O Nuallainn and they will be using Solar Panels on their Trailers to connect to Mobile Phones and Laptop to Relate an Account of their Trip.

If they pass through your Locality wherever you are in the World give them a big Cheer and Help them on their way. It is Unsupported by any Organisation, so they are dependant on any Help that they might get on the Way. I am Afraid I do not know anymore Details or any Web Sites they might be using. I will keep you posted if I hear of any.

28 October 2008

Signs on the Entrance to the Bridge at Bull Island

All The Signage at the Entrance to the Wooden Bridge at Bull Island , Clontarf Road. Bridge Limit Restriction to 2 Tons.

Notices to pick up your Dogs Poo Poo.

High Speed Ferry.

Around 6.30pmLate August Early September .The Jonathon Swift High Speed Ferry Entering Dublin Port in the Early Evening.

Bull Island Wooden Bribge.

Bull Island Wooden Bribge.

Oifig an Phoist/Post Office

The Old Post Office Main Street Howth. Not many of these Old Post Offices left, at the Rate the Post Office is closing down Their Offices People will have to Walk further for their Stamps ,Old Age Pensions ,Social Welfare. It is happening all over the Country with Rationalisation now these 15 Years.

Irelands Eye, Azor Pastoor Fiets, Work Cycles Bike

My Priests Bike/Pastoor Fiets on the Promonade at Howth with Brooks Glenbrook Saddlebag.

A Nice Warm Day,With Irelands Eye and a Lobster Boat in the distance.

The Cycleway Sign on the Causway.

This is the Sign for the Cycleway at James Larkin Road on the Causway for Bull Island.They the dublin City Council could have put these signs at the Side of the Lane and not on the Middle of the Lane.Would Motorists tolerate Poles in the Middle of the Road ,I think not this is Stupid. I bumped into one once beside the Carpark not far from Vernon Avenue on the Clontarf Road. I noticed a nice German Motorhome in the Carpark and Inadvertainly Bumped into the Pole. I bent my Break Lever and my Dynamo Light but managed to fix them with no Harm to either. I consider these Poles Dangerous and should be removed.

23 October 2008

Cycle Safety Promotion Poster

I got this from http//www.cyclesafelondon.com.It is trying to get Cyclists to be careful of Lorries ( Trucks to the Americans)Especially The Forty Footers of Passing on the inside of them when they are turning Corners it is very Dangerous,and the cause of most of the Fatalities involving Cyclists on the Road.

The Farmers Market Howth.

All kinds of Cakes and Biscuits and Nuts ,Dates ,Figs, etc,from the Middle East Sold at this Stall.

22 October 2008

The Farmers Market Howth.

This Man comes from Newtownards in Northern Ireland to Sell his Produce. All kinds of Fruit and Vegetables, Cherries, Plums, Strawberries etc. He has a very Breezy Jocular Manner very Funny Type of Person.
The Farmers Market in Howth ,Italian Olive Oil, Pasta, Biscuits etc
This is the Creperie at the Farmers Market in Howth, which is held every Sunday. Probably the Best Crepes that you can Eat.

Their Right they were Beautiful to Eat. There is usually a big crowd of People Queuing to Buy them

16 October 2008

A bit about our recent Budget.

We had our Budget in Ireland two Days ago now, one Word Describes it( Horrible) Really Nasty for all especially the Pensioners with the Withdrawal of the Automatic Medical Card for the over Seventies and a 1% Percent Levy on Employees Wages.

The only good Two things to come out of it was ( A Tax Incentive for Employee's who Elect to Cycle to Work )

( A Levy of € 200 Euro on those who have a Car Parking Space in Work )

So if you live in Ireland ( make Bike not Car, get out on yer Bicycle )

15 October 2008

This is a Blog in French and English about an French Girl in New York her name is Leah ,Bike in the City it is very funny.

The Link is at the bottom of Blog

My other Blog

My other Cycling Blog is http//ranndoneurgris.blogs.ie

10 October 2008

The Battle of Clontarf.

This Ancient Well is on Castle Avenue Clontarf Dublin. I tried to see if it had any Water one Day but it has not ,what a Pity.

The Whole Area is the site of a Battle in the 11 Century between The Danish Vikings of Yorvik or York,The Isle of Man, Norway, Denmark,and Ireland against the Forces of the Irish King of Connaght Brian Boru and some Viking Allies for Paramountcy of the whole Island of Ireland. The Irish Forces won but King Brian was killed by an Axe from the Viking Chieftain Broder. Brian was to Old to fight and was Praying in his Tent at the time.
Brians Son ruled for a while but then Died and left noHeir to carry on the Monarchy, but the Viking Control of Dublin and Ireland was Weakened after the Battle and they were never strong enough again to hold sway of vast Territory of land in Ireland anymore. Part of the Inscription reads Brian Boruimh Well. I do not know the History of this Monument.
Bicycle Taxi's on Grafton Street Dublin about a week ago.

09 October 2008

Copenhagenize.com & Copenhagen Cycle Chick

This is one of the Signs of http//copenhagenize.com

and http//copenhagencyclechic.com

The Site of Mikael Colvile Anderson the Great exponent of Cycling Infrastructure in Copenhagen, and also of course The Slow Bike Movement.

Style over Speed, The Slogan of the Slow Bike Movement from Copenhagen. I am very Happy to Relate I joined this some Time ago.
I do not Speed along the Road, In fact I was Astonished That People were Flying along the Cycle Lanes ahead of me in the Morning. If it was a Pretty looking Girl or Woman I would try to catch up for another look. I think I was slightly embarrassed by a mere slip of a Girl getting ahead of me and I just had to catch up. But mostly they would get away save for the real slow coach ambling along. I am resigned to the Fact that I am not as fast as I used to be anymore. Now I just enjoy the Ride, Smell the Trees and Flowers, The Smell of the Morning Coffee Brewing away. It is great to be alive and Riding my Bike.

The Spanish Leprechauns, Howth County Dublin

I went for a spin on my Bicycle to Howth Fishing Village in North County Dublin and I spotted a Gang of Spanish Leprechauns on the West Pier. I could not believe my Eyes Spanish Leprechauns impossible but no it was true sure enough they were speaking Spanish in a Rapid Quick fire fashion. They must have escaped from Temple Bar, it's the Area of Dublin where all the Tourists go for the exciting Irish Pub's and Nightlife. This was in August and it was a Beautifully Warm Day unusual for us this Year.

08 October 2008

The First Entry of my New Blog

First of all this Blog will be mostly about Cycling Infrastructure. What I would like to see happening in my Country for improving the Lives of Cyclists. Making things more Safer and therefore more comfortable for those who like to Ranndonee on there Bicycles. We have Cycle Lanes now for a few Years but they are to narrow ,what I would like to see is Lanes at Least ft 7- ft8 wide like they have in Copenhagen. How I envy them with their Beautifully wide Cycle Lanes .

Also I will put other stuff in it naturally ,about the Weather ,The Colour of the Sky, the Price of things, Bicycle Accoutrements, nice Bicycles, Dogs Cats but mostly about Bikes.