09 October 2008

Style over Speed, The Slogan of the Slow Bike Movement from Copenhagen. I am very Happy to Relate I joined this some Time ago.
I do not Speed along the Road, In fact I was Astonished That People were Flying along the Cycle Lanes ahead of me in the Morning. If it was a Pretty looking Girl or Woman I would try to catch up for another look. I think I was slightly embarrassed by a mere slip of a Girl getting ahead of me and I just had to catch up. But mostly they would get away save for the real slow coach ambling along. I am resigned to the Fact that I am not as fast as I used to be anymore. Now I just enjoy the Ride, Smell the Trees and Flowers, The Smell of the Morning Coffee Brewing away. It is great to be alive and Riding my Bike.


theurbancyclist said...

Keep up the Slow cycling. It's quite reactionary!

le homme au la velo said...

Thanks Velochick,I hope you are enjoying the Pictures of Dublin click on them for a bigger Picture.

In Dublin we have a lot of Slow Cycling Citizens ,except they do not know it yet.Because they always have Cycled that way.
Then there is the other kind two basically actually,the Speed and Lycra Sports Cyclist who just love to Buzz along and those who are always in a hurry whether they are in a hurry for some reason or who are in a hurry just because they love to be in a hurry,do you catch my Drift probably not. Go off and have a Coffee and think about it.