31 October 2008

Trip to Circumnavigate The World by Velo

A very interesting Topic was on the News Tonight. Two Intrepid Young Irish Road Warriors Intend to set out to Circumnavigate the World by Bicycle. They Intend to set out from their Hometown of Greystones about 25 Kilometre or 15 Miles South of Dublin City. It will take them 18 Months to complete and they are Collecting for Charity in the Fight against Cancer.

They Are Simon Evans and Fearghaill O Nuallainn and they will be using Solar Panels on their Trailers to connect to Mobile Phones and Laptop to Relate an Account of their Trip.

If they pass through your Locality wherever you are in the World give them a big Cheer and Help them on their way. It is Unsupported by any Organisation, so they are dependant on any Help that they might get on the Way. I am Afraid I do not know anymore Details or any Web Sites they might be using. I will keep you posted if I hear of any.

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