28 October 2008

Irelands Eye, Azor Pastoor Fiets, Work Cycles Bike

My Priests Bike/Pastoor Fiets on the Promonade at Howth with Brooks Glenbrook Saddlebag.

A Nice Warm Day,With Irelands Eye and a Lobster Boat in the distance.


Jack said...

Greetings from the US,

Found your site whilst googling "Azor Pastoorfiets" and couldn't resist commenting. You see, I too ride a Pastoorfiets, a Long Haul Trucker and a folding bike (albeit Dahon not Brompton).

And, if that weren't enough coincidence, I too am Jack.

Jack Warman
Durham, NC

l' homme au velo said...

Greetings to you from Dublin,Mostly I am called John but sometimes I use Jack for Blogs.I was in the Netherlands about 7 years ago on Holidays and loved the Bikes so when I got Home I bought the Pastoorfiets and had it sent from there. Very Comfortable but heavy,great for Transporting stuff. I have the Brompton since 02,great little Bike it can go quite fast too. The Surly LHT .I wanted a Touring Bike ,not much choice here in Ireland. They generally fob you off with a Hybrid,you might be lucky to get a Dawes Galaxy. I found a Bike Shop on Bachelors Walk,Cychological who sold Kona Touring Bikes. But was told that they were having trouble with deliveries of their Bikes and irate Customers. Would I be interested in a Surly LHT. The name put me off ,Surly, I told them I would think about it. So when I got Home I looked up their site and liked what I saw. The next day I ordered one and three weeks later it arrived on my Birthday November 24th 2010.Very few Surlys here in Ireland,seen only two or three,one Crosscheck and two LHTS.People can not get used to the name it sort of annoys them. Must be a Cultural thing. I found the Bike very comfortable from the moment I first got on it. I got rid of that WTB Saddle just did not like it and got the Brooks flyer instead. Problem fitting prop Stands on them.One final few words,lots of People from the US seem to like this Blog,more than other Countries. Best wishes to you.