10 October 2008

The Battle of Clontarf.

This Ancient Well is on Castle Avenue Clontarf Dublin. I tried to see if it had any Water one Day but it has not ,what a Pity.

The Whole Area is the site of a Battle in the 11 Century between The Danish Vikings of Yorvik or York,The Isle of Man, Norway, Denmark,and Ireland against the Forces of the Irish King of Connaght Brian Boru and some Viking Allies for Paramountcy of the whole Island of Ireland. The Irish Forces won but King Brian was killed by an Axe from the Viking Chieftain Broder. Brian was to Old to fight and was Praying in his Tent at the time.
Brians Son ruled for a while but then Died and left noHeir to carry on the Monarchy, but the Viking Control of Dublin and Ireland was Weakened after the Battle and they were never strong enough again to hold sway of vast Territory of land in Ireland anymore. Part of the Inscription reads Brian Boruimh Well. I do not know the History of this Monument.

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