17 June 2009

Dublin Fietszen Dag 17/6/09/ Bike Week 14th -21st June 09 Cycle around Georgian Dublin

I went along to the Evening Cycle around Dublin at 7 .00 pm . Starting in Merrion Square South and continuing through Saint Stephens Green Nth, down Dason St ,Nassau St, Suffolk St, up Westmoreland St , O 'Connel St , Parnell St, back into O'Connell St ,around Trinity College,then Nassau St ,Finishing back in Merrion Square South, 10 Kilometre

It was good Fun , This is me in the First Picture. I put on my Tweed Jacket and Donegal Tweed Hat with my Azor Dutch Bike. I wanted to Present City Cycling in The Slow Movement Style. Cycling does not have to be Lycra Spandex and Helmets and all the rest of the Sportive Stuff that the Cycling Industry wants to Thrust on us.

All the Gear somehow makes out that Cycling is not Safe and you shouldnt do it unless you are Decked out ,it gives the wrong Impression.

I was approached by a Man with a Movie Camera from the Dublin City Council and asked to give my Views. Do I think it was Worth it having something like this a Bicycle Evening with a Leisurely Spin around the City. I said it is always worth it to Promote Cycling and then I went off into a Rant about the Bad Cycling Infrastructure. I said we want Segregated Cycle Lanes, Those Buses are Dangerous the yCut right in front of you. The Council would want to make it safer then more People will want to Cycle. I continued to Rant but it was not what he wanted to Hear. I am afraid I got carried away to much. The Council do not like to be Told they are doing a Lousey Job. I dont think they will be Showing that Piece to anyone. He said it was for their own Officials ,but there was a small bit of Interviewing on the Television News.

I tried to Concentrate on those without the Lycra and Helmets and showed some of the Cycle Chicks with their Nice Bikes. One Man with a Dutch Long John Transportfiets carrying his Children beside my Bike. A Courier Company using Long John Transportfiets.

Dublin Fietszen Dag 17/6/09/ Bike Week 14th -21st June 09 Cycle around Georgian Dublin

The Long John Cargo Bike ,South King Street Dublin

There is an Item on Henry Cutlers Site Bakfiets - en meer.nl Henrys Workcycles about the Long John and how really useful they are.

He was introduced to them soon after his Arrival in theNetherlands in 2000 which inspired him to open His Bicycle Business Selling his Excellent Bakfiets and City Bikes.

I mentioned that there is one in Dublin and here it is on South King Street beside Saint Stephens Green.

I have noticed on my way Home from the City this Long John Ambling along the Cycle Path into Town on the Nth Strand Road and tried to Photograph it but it was on the far side of the Road so I did not bother to try and chase it. So I eventually Photographed it on South King Street. It looks like they Cobbled it together from Bits and Pieces.

14 June 2009

1st Irish National Bike Week 14th - 21 June 2009

It was a Beautiful Day for the start of Bike Week 21 Celsius. With Threats of Thunderstorms that never Arrived ,we have been promised Thunderstorms for Two Days now. They got it in the West of the Country but we have been Lucky so far. Starting Today in the Phoenix Park Beside The Papal Cross , Where Pope John Paul Had a Mass back in 1979, Bike week will continue for a Week from 14th - 21 St of June. I brought along my Dutch Azor Pastoor Fiets Kruisframe/ Crossframe Priests Bike and this is it bringing Home a Mower and some Compost the other Day. I took Part in the Tour around the Phoenix Park 10 K, and the Slalom Event I got a HI VIZ Vest for the Slalom Event. I also Joined the Cycling Group who are trying to Improve the Cycling Infrastructure in Dublin by putting Pressure on the Government, Dublin Cycling Campaign or D. C. C.

The Pictures,

Childs Raleigh Chopper with the Irish Flag Pic 1

I got this Pic of me with my Dutch Bike waiting to take part in the Slalom Course from the Bike Week Site . I am slouched over the Handlebars Added on 16 /4/09Pic 2

BMX Assault Course going up the Ramp Demo by Extreme Action . com from the UK Pic 3

Childrens Raleigh Choppers ,one with th Irish Flag pic 4

Childs Caboose at back of Bike Pic 4

Moulton Bike Pic 5

My Dutch Bike at Artane Cottages with Organic Mower and Compost ,I brought this to the Phoenix Park Pic 6.

Slalom Course Pic 7.

Playing Cricket ,Cricket Club, you could watch this together with the Horse Polo if you got fed up with the Bikes 8.

HI VIZ Vest. 9

Chinese Girl Displaying Her Electro Bikes from their Shop on Capel Street 10.

Slalom Course 11.

Bmx Bikes 12

KronanBike with Trailer and a Gas Barbeque Cooker Bolted on to it 13.

Spanish Girl Official with a Bike that is getting a Free Check up 14.

Penny Farthing and a Chopper 15.

Man Displaying Mobility Impaired Bikes for Sale, they are a New type to Ireland and have a Premises in Baggot Street 16.
Display of Bikes for Sale and two of them ,one is a Pashly Governor and another is a Sovereign 17.

Crowds of People it was a Family Day out mostly 18.
Ice Cream Bike 19.

Bicycle made for Two, Tandem, I think the Man might have been Blind ,I did not ask him 20.

The Tour around the Park 10 k Supporting Barnardo's Childrens Charity.

Lot of Events all around the Country for a Week, with a Bicycle Ride around Dublin City at 7 pm on Wednesday the 17th of June and also the Wicklow 200.

http// www. bike week

1st Irish National Bike Week 14th - 21 June 2009

08 June 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend,Maritime Festival Dublin Docks & The Marche De La Puce, Flea Market in Newmarket Square.

We had very Warm Italian Style Weather last Weekend for over a Week and so I went off to the Flea Market/ Marche De La Puce in Newmarket Square then to the Maritime Festival on Dublins Docks.

The Market in Newmarket Square is Indoors and is held on the last Sunday in the Month and as I have never been at it decided to go over and have a look. It is off Dean Street not far from Saint Patricks Cathedral. It is very interesting plenty of Antiques Bric a Brac , Bicycles for Sale and a Band Playing also plenty to Eat at the Different Snackeries. The only thing is like everywhere in Dublin no where to Park your Bicycle, no Bicycle Stands or Racks.

Then I went to Sir John Rogersons Quay to View the Maritime Festival. The Dutch had the best Displays of Cheeses, Biscuits and Pancakes also Dutch Souvenirs Like Windmills Clogs China Ware in Delft Blue also the most Ships.

One Lady with Her Field Spaniels from Burton on Trent Staffordshire came over for the Dog Show in the RDS Ballsbridge. A Group of Cockney Likely Lads Singing Cockney Songs and Dances like Knees up Mother Brown. An Irish Group Playing Songs and Dances on the Kathleen May from Bideford. An Ice Cream Bike, Two Interesting Old Bikes one a Dutch Gazelle the other a Well looked after Old Raleigh Type Bike with a Brooks Millbrook Bag Lovingly Restored and Customized. The Ships at the Festival The Loth Lorien Amsterdam, Atlantis Amsterdam, Eendracht Rotterdam, Kathleen May Bideford Devon, JST Nelson, Jst Tenacious, Irish Naval Vessel Aoife, Jeanie Johnson Irish,and the Restaurant Ship Cill Airne which is Permanently Moored. A Picture of myself with a Dutch Flag Sticking out of my Head. The New Sam Beckett Bridge which is not finished yet .All you could see was People Drinking Erdinger Wheat Beer Eating Bratwurst Spanish Paella Prawns and Garlic Potatoes and Carrying Bags of German Salami and Dutch Cheeses that they Bought. Loads of Different Stalls selling Clothing Different Foods Jewellery. I forgot to Add Nearly all these Buildings are Newly Built within the Last Five Years. The Merchant Ships Berthed along here up to the 1970ties. Now occasionally A Cruise Ship will Berth along here when there is no Room in the Deep Sea Section of Dublin Port.

Bank Holiday Weekend,Maritime Festival Dublin Docks & The Marche De La Puce, Flea Market in Newmarket Square.