17 June 2009

Dublin Fietszen Dag 17/6/09/ Bike Week 14th -21st June 09 Cycle around Georgian Dublin

I went along to the Evening Cycle around Dublin at 7 .00 pm . Starting in Merrion Square South and continuing through Saint Stephens Green Nth, down Dason St ,Nassau St, Suffolk St, up Westmoreland St , O 'Connel St , Parnell St, back into O'Connell St ,around Trinity College,then Nassau St ,Finishing back in Merrion Square South, 10 Kilometre

It was good Fun , This is me in the First Picture. I put on my Tweed Jacket and Donegal Tweed Hat with my Azor Dutch Bike. I wanted to Present City Cycling in The Slow Movement Style. Cycling does not have to be Lycra Spandex and Helmets and all the rest of the Sportive Stuff that the Cycling Industry wants to Thrust on us.

All the Gear somehow makes out that Cycling is not Safe and you shouldnt do it unless you are Decked out ,it gives the wrong Impression.

I was approached by a Man with a Movie Camera from the Dublin City Council and asked to give my Views. Do I think it was Worth it having something like this a Bicycle Evening with a Leisurely Spin around the City. I said it is always worth it to Promote Cycling and then I went off into a Rant about the Bad Cycling Infrastructure. I said we want Segregated Cycle Lanes, Those Buses are Dangerous the yCut right in front of you. The Council would want to make it safer then more People will want to Cycle. I continued to Rant but it was not what he wanted to Hear. I am afraid I got carried away to much. The Council do not like to be Told they are doing a Lousey Job. I dont think they will be Showing that Piece to anyone. He said it was for their own Officials ,but there was a small bit of Interviewing on the Television News.

I tried to Concentrate on those without the Lycra and Helmets and showed some of the Cycle Chicks with their Nice Bikes. One Man with a Dutch Long John Transportfiets carrying his Children beside my Bike. A Courier Company using Long John Transportfiets.

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