11 July 2009

Illegally Parking on the Cycle Lanes in Dublin.

Spotted on the Howth Road Killester at Furry Park recently, Parked on a Cycle Lane with a Continuous White Line. Motorists do not care in Ireland and why should they I have never seen them Ticketed or Punished in any way by the Police. Our Infrastructure is all only very Token, nice White Lines Drawn in the Road with a nice Red Strip, the Tourists will like the Nice Colours on the Road .

Cycle Lanes were brought in to Protect the Cyclists from the Dangerous bad Drivers in Ireland and what do the Motorists do just ignore them. The Gardai just ignore them as well.


workbike said...

I think it has to be physically impossible for a car to get somewhere or personally dangerous to the driver before drivers will stop putting their metal object there. Sad, but I also think that's more because the culture we live in says that motorists are in the right all the time, and cars have the right to go anywhere: it's become an accepted norm.

I just realised I'm not subscribed to this blog. Time to change that...

le homme au velo said...

Thanks Work Bike. Our Government says that it is going to improve things for Cyclists. They issued Some Statements Lately to that Effect especially during our Bike Week we had ,let us hope it is not just all Hot Air. If you would like to Peruse a few of the Sites on my Blog List at Bottom of the Page on our Government Policy ,the last few Items. Because of this Recession now I suppose a lot of what Our Minister of Transport was saying will be put on Hold anyway, but they could at Least Ticket the Motorists for Parking on the Cycle Lanes and ASL/ Anvance Stop Lines.