11 July 2009

The Battle of the Boyne July 12th 1690

I went on a Spin to Drogheda which is around 80K or 50 Miles from Dublin in County Louth about two Weeks ago. This time I was Determined to have a look at the Site of the Famous Battle in 1690 before they Closed for the Evening,I got there at 6.30 pm and the Estate was still open. I went up a no Exit Entrance as the other one was locked determined to take a few Picture at least before being asked to go.

T his is where the Famous Battle between The Glorious Prinz Willem of Oranjze/ King Billy and the Protestant Faith Versus King Jame's and the Catholic Faith for the Throne of England in what is now Oldbridge Estate on the River Boyne. It contains an Old Georgian House and Parklands.

As it is now coming up to the 12th of July Anniversary of the Battle in 1690 I thought I would Post a few Pictures here of the Site and some on my Way there and Home. Two Unusal Place Names in Garristown and one when I stopped to change the Batteries on my front Light at 10 pm on way Home.


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le homme au velo said...

Muito Obrigado Luis,I think those are the right Words in Portugese.

Did you see my Dutch Bike that I was Talking about. I will check back on your Blog whenever I get a Chance. Jack Dublin Ireland, Saturday 8/8/09