11 July 2009

The Cycle Path at Clontarf Road.


anna said...

The last picture looks quite nice, but I agree on the poles. Especially at night some of those are difficult to see. In Vienna they have poles of about half the length, so if there's somebody blocking your view than you often see them in the very last second. Plus, some of them can be laid down - and then they are even hard to see during the day, but have harsh metal sticking up that can cause a lot of damage if you hit it.. Hate that stuff.

le homme au velo said...

I actually Bumped into the Pole at the Carpark one Day in the Middle Picture,I was looking at a German Motor Home and Admiring it.

I was using the Dutch Bike which is very Strong and I only Bent the Brake Lever out of Shape and the Front Light. I done an Emergency Repair and Fixed it when I got Home. I had a few Grazes on my Leg and Arm.

If I had been using the Aluminum Bike it would have been Damaged that I am sure of.

There are other Stretches along this Cycleway that has these Poles at Entrances all the way up to Sutton.

I think your ones in Vienna that are Half the Length are even worse.

All they have to do is put two Poles on either side of the Path with back up Signs Written on the Ground about 10 metre before the End.