28 January 2010

Critical Mass Saint Stephens Green Friday 29/Jan /2010 6.00pm.

The first Critical Mass of 2010 will begin tomorrow at the usual time and the same Place Saint Stephens Green at the Memorial Arch facing Grafton Street .

Begin to meet up after 5.30 and starting off at 6.pm Sharp on what is hopefully a Refreshing Bracing Ride on our Bicycles. Bring Whistles and Air Horns etc also some wet Weather Gear is advisable. I am sorry that the thing was not properly Advertised and I hope things will be improved in future with some Music as well.

The Weather was terrible about two Weeks ago but improving now and hopefully not to bad tomorrow for the Ride. So see you all there after 5.30pm for the 6.00pm Start.

10 January 2010

Cycling in Snowy Dublin Friday 8/1/2010

We have been Inundated with Snow for about two Weeks now like everywhere else in Europe and Grit and Salt is Running out and the Government has to use Ordinary Sand with the Mixture in order to Eke it out and keep Transport moving. But they are only concentrating on Main Roads and not Side Roads and of course they never bother about Paths or Cyclelanes. Because of all the Injuries to Pedestrians they sent out Council Workers to clear some Paths in the City Centre but that was all.

So when I was Cycling to the Supermarket for to Buy much needed Food I had to keep out to the middle of Road to Avoid Ice and Snow. It was actually Safer Cycling than Walking on the ungritted Pathway.
Pic 1myfront Garden. pic2 Pathway outside Supermarket
Pic 3 My Bike outside my House loaded up with Food.Pic 4Pathway outside Supermarket ungritted. pic 5 People in Supermarket Stocking up on Food in case the Supermarket Runs out and they Starve.pic 6 My Road Ungritted.