10 January 2010

Cycling in Snowy Dublin Friday 8/1/2010

We have been Inundated with Snow for about two Weeks now like everywhere else in Europe and Grit and Salt is Running out and the Government has to use Ordinary Sand with the Mixture in order to Eke it out and keep Transport moving. But they are only concentrating on Main Roads and not Side Roads and of course they never bother about Paths or Cyclelanes. Because of all the Injuries to Pedestrians they sent out Council Workers to clear some Paths in the City Centre but that was all.

So when I was Cycling to the Supermarket for to Buy much needed Food I had to keep out to the middle of Road to Avoid Ice and Snow. It was actually Safer Cycling than Walking on the ungritted Pathway.
Pic 1myfront Garden. pic2 Pathway outside Supermarket
Pic 3 My Bike outside my House loaded up with Food.Pic 4Pathway outside Supermarket ungritted. pic 5 People in Supermarket Stocking up on Food in case the Supermarket Runs out and they Starve.pic 6 My Road Ungritted.


anna said...

Lovely pictures of the snow. When I was in Ireland (for two winters actually), I didn't see much of it. Hope the situation will improve and the Council is better prepared next year...

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Anna, We do not always get Snow in Ireland and then it is mostly on Higher Ground Like the Wicklow Mountains or MacGillicuddi Reeks in Kerry or Donegal or the Mournes. But when we do it mostly only lasts a Day or two and it turns to slush by Midday.
Every Ten or Twenty Years we might get it verb bad like it is presently all over Europe and it is forecast to last another Week .

So when we do get it we are totally unprepared for it and usually only have enough Salt and Grit for a week. Because we are at Sea Level in Dublin we normally never have it very bad.

velochick said...

It looks really lovely in the snow, love the photos.

I think we have to get used to the Gov not being prepared properly and work round it ie get good tyres etc, wear protective wrist protection.

I did think about having some studded tyres but they cost quite a lot and it doesn't seem to be worth it.

Though the snow is over, I am actually starting to miss it again!


l' homme au velo said...

Hi Velochick,On one of the very bad days I had to Pay a Gas Bill so instead of Cycling I thought it best to walk.

It was a bad mistake as I slipped on a side Road and fell on my Bottom but actually Hurt my wrist a bit.It was a bit sore for a Day or two. The main Roads were clear and Cyclable but the Paths were terrible. loads of Pedestrians falling and Hurting themselves in the Centre City and turning up in the A&E's of Hospitals with Broken Arms ETC.

I suppose if you got an Old Crock of a Bike very Cheap and put Knobbly Tyres on it and just kept it for the Snowy Weather would be very Handy,but then it would be lying around the House or in a Shed in the way so there is no easy answer.
I have to many Bikes at the moment,I got a new one recently and meant to get rid of the Old one but it is in very good condition and is not Old . so if I could sell it at a decent Price I would get Rid of it .