24 December 2009

Never forget that Bike Lock,Happy Christmas to everybody.

Yesterday I got up late and Had a Bath then my Breakfast then fixed a Blind on the Toilet Window and also A Cupboard. I was settling down to read something and I just remembered I would have to buy some Presents for my Relations. O my Gosh this is really the only Day left to get anything in the City as tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

So I put on my Old crumpled Cycling Jumper and my Jacket and decided not to bring the front Carrier on my dutch Bike as I would not be getting anything big ,I just took the two Ortlieb Panniers for the Rear Carrier. I cycled into the City,there was a very Hard frost but no actual Snow but bits of Hailstones and Snow that would not stick. There is Snow everywhere Else but Dublin City did not get any.

I pulled up at one of my Favourite Department Stores Arnotts in Liffey Street at the cycle Stand/ Rack and looked around for my Lock. What what in the Name of all thats Holy where's me Bleedin Bike Lock,Im not leaving it here with just the Wheel Lock on. A load of muttered Curses later I went off to my local Bike Shop and bought a New Lock,not a Super Duper very strong lock but an acceptable Lock all the same. So I done my Shopping and went off to Easons Bookshop in O' Connell Street and had a look around,then I remembered I had better get some Bottles of Wine. So back to Liffey Street to the same Bike Stand/Rack ,Parked the Bike only this time I went into Marks and Spencer across the Road. Bought two Bottles of Plonk a Red and White some Reduced Fat Croissants and two bags of Chocolate Chip Cookies a Jar of Dark Bitter Sweet Marmalade and a Jar of Blueberry Conserve. To Spread on the Croissants Luverly Jubbly then headed Home at 7.00pm.

I was just in time for the Sleet ,more Hailstones and bits of Snow. When I got Home I discovered I now have a load of different Assortment of Bike Locks and a Cable. One is my very big and heavy Town Lock that I should have brought with me,two Chains and two Padlocks, a U Lock and the Steel Cable. Because I was Chopping and changing about what to bring,would I bring my Basket and front Carrier ,I forgot the big Bike Lock and Chain.

Moral of this Piece, never forget your Bike Lock, Happy Christmas to all of you in the World of Bicycling & Happy Trails.


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Fortunately for my blood pressure there's ample room on the Xtracycle for a lock so it lives on the bike (and I carry it locked so there's no chance of my locking the bike somewhere and realising after that I don't have a key. Not than I'm absent minded or anything. The Bakfiets has an inbuilt lock. That wouldn't be much use in Amsterdam but local bike thieves wouldn't know what it was, let alone nick it.

l' homme au velo said...

I dont know how to Answer Cindie Mc Elvain as it is in Chinese very interesting

The Town Lock is Heavy so I do not always use it if I am just going to my local Shop or else for a spin.

As I said I decided to leave the Basket and front Carrier behind to cut down on Weight and just forgot the lock in the Basket. I did not like to depend on the Rear Wheel Lock at the Back so I got another Mid Range Lock and Chain.

I must do that in future just Lock the thing to the Bike saves a lot of Heartache.Thanks and Happy New Year Bonne Année et Bonne Santé.