18 December 2009

Dublin Cycling Campaign Christmas Party,The Pod Harcourt Street Dublin.

I went to the Dublin Cycling Campaign and Irish Messengers/ Bike Couriers Christmas Party last Night in the Pod Nightclub in the former Train Station in Harcourt Street. It was great Fun. Everybody was having a go at the Goldsprint Spinning Bikes Competition including myself. I tried it twice,it consists of two Bikes on Rollers connected to a Computer which shows the distance Speed time and two pointers to show who is Winning. There were a Group of Bike Couriers who Won the Competition,I did not Compete against them as I would have no chance. Also there was a Raffle for Bike Accoutrements like Lights Helmets etc. The Weather was a bit Icy with Snow trying its best to fall. Loads of People Attending Parties and Tonnes of People using Bikes now in Dublin. If only the D.C.C. would put in a decent Bike Infrastructure and not Pander to the Car Lobby all the time it would be Bliss going on your Bike.

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