24 December 2009

YouTube - Talking to David Hembrow

I picked this up on Mike Rubbos Site on You Tube.It is the Type of Cycling Infrastructure that we could do with in Ireland but the Government is dragging its Heels on by not providing it for us. O to live in the Netherlands in Bicycle Heaven. Where you have Beautiful wide Cycle Paths and Superhighways and where you cannot get Doored by Passengers alighting from Cars.YouTube - Talking to David Hembrow


Michael said...

John, I could not get your email to work and hecne I write this way.

thanks for posting the Waltz. Below is a article on a powerful woman at Giant with interesting ideas.

I had the idea that we could all blog our responses to her policy thoughts at around the same time, and that is might get through to her as a curious blog phenomenon, and have some influence.

I'd talk about the Centro and Cosmo models (which seem to have replaced my Giant suede) about putting emphasis on the sit-up bikes like those two, as ideal urban transport etc.

I might suggest sit-up bike types named after cities, like the Dublin , the Sydney, etc. to promote them as urban transport

Would you be interested in a loosely co ordinated effort like that. I have about ten bike blogs, Hembrow's is one, I'd invite to do a post on their take on this article.



l' homme au velo said...

Hello Michael. It sounds interesting this Idea of yours ,I will look up this Article in the Times.

we do not have much People using these Bikes over Here but interest is growing all the time. A lot of Women seem to be using them with a Classic Step through Design a Carrier on the back and a Basket on the front. The English Pashley is getting Popular with a Smattering of Dutch Bikes.

At one time there was a Division of Raleigh making Bikes in Dublin but it has long gone way back in the 1930 ties or 40ties and no Manufacturers here now at all.

But calling Bikes after Cities would be a good Idea to promote their use perhaps with a Badge of the City like the Three Castles for Dublin and Kangaroos or whatever the Motto is for Sydney Etc.

l' homme au velo said...

Michael I had a look at the Timesonline site about Giant and Commented about Sit up and Beg Bikes and Step through Bikes. It will take a while to be shown.