05 December 2009

The Blue Wave,Anti Climate Change Demonstration,Dublin 5th December 2009

Anti Climate Change Demonstration backing up the Copenhagen Talks,Dublin 5th December 09.

I joined the Smurfs in a Demonstration against Global Warming starting from Custom House Quay up to Government Buildings in Merrion Street. To Demand our Government to Lower the Irish Carbon Count,Restrict the use of Gas Guzzlers through our Cities and Towns and give back the Streets to our Pedestrians and Cyclists. That the Pollution is causing our Seas to Rise and we have had an awful lot of Floods lately and it is getting worse not better. We demand of our Politicians to get their Finger out and stop Pandering to big Business and the Motoring Industry and restrict Car usage and move Freight by Train and not Juggernaut Trucks. Many People in the World are getting forced off their Land by Rising Waters and very soon they will have no Countries left forcing them on to the rest of us to Help them out. Stop sitting around doing nothing MR Government Ministers.Be prepared for more Demonstrations. Myself in the first Picture outside the Custom House.Picture of my Bike with new Blue Basket outside my House. Man with his Brompton Folding Bike outside Government Buldings. The Girl with the Bobblers on her Head won Second best Costume for the Blue Wave Demo. Various Pictures at the Custom House and Government Buildings. The Weather was very nice for the demo but got Colder and Wetter later on.


anna said...

Good to see this. According to our news, Austria is the only EU country in which the CO2 emissions have gone up rather than down recently. Unfortunately, there is not really much protest here, people are just to lame. Keep up your enthusiasm!

l' homme au velo said...

In Ireland they are to much in love with the Motorcar. It has got worse as time goes by. The Dublin City Council has backtracked now over the Christmas period and given in to big Business like the Main Department Stores under Pressure of Injunctions and have made available free Parking in the City after 2.00pm until January 18. The Government is Furious with DCC for promoting Car use.

There are various different things happening over the next two Weeks.It will not be on the scale of Greenpeace unless they get involved. It will be more Gentle protests.

There is a Group of Climate Camp Ireland Protestors going to Compenhagen on Tuesday to join other Protestors from UK and elsewhere and they will be involved in more direct action.Thanks Anna.