14 November 2009

Ghost Bike in Memory of Karl.

A new Ghost Bike was Erected on Astons Quay beside the Merchants Arch just across the Road from the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin Today. In Memory of the Newest Victim to be Killed by a HGV by The Dublin Cycle Campaign Group. He is Karl Magee a 51 Year Old Cyclist on His Commute and He was Knocked down and Killed by an Articulated 40Ft Truck on 15 th September last. It was attended by Members of his Family and Cyclists and an Oration was made by a Family member and one of the Cyclists and Flowers was placed on the Bike. These Trucks are supposed to be Banned from going through the City since they put in the Port Tunnel save for a few who are given Permission to Deliver to the big Shops. Another Testament to the bad Infrastructure or lack thereoff. How many more are going to get Killed before things are improved for Cyclists. My deepest Sympathies to the Family of Karl may he Rest in Peace.


Paul Simms said...

It is truly saddening to see the ghost bike put there. I remember visiting Dublin a few years ago, and crossing that bridge.

Why do we, as a society, pander to the needs of the motor industry?

If people were murdered to the same rate that cyclists are killed there would be uproar and a special unit established to deal with it (such as gun crime and knife crime in London)

As a society, we all too readily accept death on our roads as 'accidents'

Stop large trucks going into towns, and set up bicycle delivery firms, or milk float flatbed-style vehicles for larger loads.

RIP and thoughts to his family.

l' homme au velo said...

Thank you Paul,as you know already this Road along the Quays is narrow but it takes a huge Volume of Traffic every Morning and Evening. Loads of Buses Cars and unfortunately Lorries even though they are Officially Banned since they put in the Port Tunnel. They have to get permission to go into the City But Ireland being Ireland Rules are broken and so a lot of them are passing through on the QT.
Plus the fact that the Dublin City Council which is supposed to be officially Restricting Traffic is actively Promoting it by Allowing Cars to Park free in the City over the Christmas Sales Period.
Unlike Britain which still has Electric Battery Operated Milk Floats ,the last of ours in Dublin to be used was around 10 Years ago.

Filigree said...

Oh that is so sad, especially given how beautiful this location looks.

We may be visiting Dublin next year and I was looking forward to getting to know its cycling infrastructure. Looks like it is not without flaws.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Filligree ,It is very much like the UK with a lot of very narrow Cycle Lanes in Dublin. Some where they are 2 metre suddenly narrows to 1 1/2 metre or even less and you can get Doored by parked Cars as there is no separation on most Cycle lanes.

If you are coming to Dublin then the two best areas for Cycling is the Phoenix Park it is a huge Park to the West of the City Area and the Coastal Cycleway at Clontarf which has a Segregated Cycleway.

The Council is going to put in a Cycleway beside the Grand Canal for 7 Kilometres starting from Rathmines and over the new Sam Beckett Bride to Fairview meeting up with the Cycleway in Clontarf.
They will have this finished in two Years hopefully. So we progress very slowly bit by bit.

This is a Circuitous Route and more a Pleasure Route than a Commuter one but still it will be handy for getting away from the Traffic.

There is pressure on the Council to put in a Segregated Cycle Lane directly through the City Centre but there will be a lot of Resistance from the Car Lobby Groups.

It is the same attitude as the UK very Carcentric.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Filligree ,the worst time for Cycling is at Rush Hour in the Morning and evening time. You have to watch out you are not knocked off your Bike.

It is usually not as bad on Saturday and very Pleasant on Sunday with not much Traffic.