26 September 2010

Odds and Ends in the Cycling Week,European Mobility Week,Car Free Day.

The Shark Bike,funny Rubber Horn on bicycle in Abby Street Dublin last Friday Week.
I got another Saddle Cover from Bespoke Cyclery at the Dublin Flea Market,always very handy.
I got this Oval Canvas for Painting on at the Dublin Flea Market for €4 Euro which is very good.
At the Dublin Flea Market,no Bicycle Stands to Park your Bike on Newmarket Square.You just have to make do by Lashing it to Railings or anything you can find.
At the Dublin Flea Market,Bike with Basket type Shopping Panniers,this Bike is nearly always here anytime I go there.
The Dublin Flea Market ,Indoors in the Food Co Op.
At the Dublin Flea Market,of course there is no where to Park your Bike you just have to Lash it to anything you can find.
The Dublin Flea Market Newmarket Square,nice Friendle Girl poses for a Picture.
The Dublin Flea Market Newmarket Square,Sharp dressed Man looks like a Cyclist.

The Monthly Dublin Flea Market at the Food Co Op on Newmarket Square.  
Today Sunday I went to the Marche de la puce รก Dublin ,The Dublin Flea Market on Newmarket Square,Bespoke Cyclerey Stand, Selling Antique Italian Cycling Jerseys, Hats ,Saddle Covers, Mudguards and other bits and piece's.
Drury Street  on Car Free Day ,Woman with her E  Bike.
Drury Street on Car Free day,another unusual Bike.
Drury Street on Car Free Day ,The Dutch Bike Company Bear Bike's with one of their Oma's and a Georgia Bike Companies  Cover on the  Crate on the  Actie Draegar  or front Carrier.
Car Free Day on Drury Street ,Fade Street ,South William Street. This look's like a Danish Nihola Bike.
We had European Mobility Week and Car Free Day last Week and I went up to Drury Street to see what was happening and had a look at the Commercial Displays of various Bike Companies .There was some unusual Bicycle's like this one as part of The Bike CompanyCycleworks Display.
Same Car on the wrong side of Island at Fairview.
At the Malahide Road Fairview Last Week Car on the wrong side of the Traffic Island,It came down the Malahide Road on the Wrong side and Cars Blasted him out of it.

The Car Free Day last Thursday Week was just very Token as usual with just three Streets being Blocked off to Traffic instead of the Entire City. I was in the City at around 1.40 pm and went up to see what was happening in Drury Street and forgot about Sth William Street where there was more going on. I went back into Town that Night for the Open Air Film of the Tripplettes of Belville,That Quirky Funny French Cartoon Film about a Cycling Champion that was captured by the French Mafia set in the 1930ties. It was supposed to have Cyclists from the Audience supplying the Power for the Film by Pedaling on Bikes. Unfortunately after a very Hot Day it decided to Spill Rain in the Evening so it was shown in the Market Bar. The Sound was drowned out by the Crowd but it is mostly Silent anyway except for the Music so you could understand what was going on as well as Sub Titles. I enjoyed the Film,it was still very Hot especially in the Market Bar but it got very Cold again the next Day.

06 September 2010

Autumn Sun in Phoenix Park, Problems with fitting a Bicycle Bell,Getting the Groceries.

Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.

Two Girls enjoying the Autumn Sun on the Steps of the Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.

Les gens au le voyage L'Irlandais,Traveller Family Enjoying the Sun and having a Picnic beside the Wellington Monument.

Fallow Deer,Phoenix Park.

The Fallow Deer beside the Pope's Cross in Phoenix Park.

I finally found two long Screws to put the Bell on the Bike.
Bronze Frieze  on the Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.
I was in the  Monthly Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket Square which also Incorporates the Food Co Op on Sunday last Week and bought a Bell and a nice Saddle Cover for my new Dawes Bike From Bespoke Cyclery which has a Stall in the Market. The only problem was the Handlebars is too Thick for the Bell Fitting and I had to find long Screws to finally get it on the Bike. I had the same Problem with a Light and I had to use Plastic Ties to attach it to the Bike. I got an Orange Bell as the Bike is Silver so a Chrome Bell would be just to much Silver.

I was in the Phoenix Park on Friday for a Spin Enjoying the Autumn Sun and Stopped at this Picnic Table  for some Bananas and Water to keep up my Strength for Cycling. The Weather Changed for the Worse on Saturday and nothing but Torrential Rain since then .
I got my Groceries on Wednesday on My Dutch Bike Gerty and this is the Load I brought Home in the Two Panniers.