06 September 2010

Autumn Sun in Phoenix Park, Problems with fitting a Bicycle Bell,Getting the Groceries.

Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.

Two Girls enjoying the Autumn Sun on the Steps of the Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.

Les gens au le voyage L'Irlandais,Traveller Family Enjoying the Sun and having a Picnic beside the Wellington Monument.

Fallow Deer,Phoenix Park.

The Fallow Deer beside the Pope's Cross in Phoenix Park.

I finally found two long Screws to put the Bell on the Bike.
Bronze Frieze  on the Wellington Monument Phoenix Park.
I was in the  Monthly Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket Square which also Incorporates the Food Co Op on Sunday last Week and bought a Bell and a nice Saddle Cover for my new Dawes Bike From Bespoke Cyclery which has a Stall in the Market. The only problem was the Handlebars is too Thick for the Bell Fitting and I had to find long Screws to finally get it on the Bike. I had the same Problem with a Light and I had to use Plastic Ties to attach it to the Bike. I got an Orange Bell as the Bike is Silver so a Chrome Bell would be just to much Silver.

I was in the Phoenix Park on Friday for a Spin Enjoying the Autumn Sun and Stopped at this Picnic Table  for some Bananas and Water to keep up my Strength for Cycling. The Weather Changed for the Worse on Saturday and nothing but Torrential Rain since then .
I got my Groceries on Wednesday on My Dutch Bike Gerty and this is the Load I brought Home in the Two Panniers.


m e l i g r o s a said...

that is a great saddle cover! cool pics, grocery+bikes=win+win situation :D

l' homme au velo said...

It is hard to get Saddle Covers in the Cycle Shops in Dublin except the Brooks Covers that one Shop sometimes has and it has Brooks written all over it. So Bespoke Saddlery is a new small little Company that has recently started up Business mainly by the Internet selling Accoutrements for Bikes like Dutch Bells and Dutch Saddle Covers and Antique Style Italian Cycle Jerseys Hats and Mudguards and other bits and pieces like Panniers.

This Saddle Cover is the Plainest one they have the rest are the Flowery Type.I must get two more Saddle covers for my other Bikes Leather Saddles.

The Dutch Bike is great for Hauling Huge amounts of Stuff,this load of Groceries was only in the Panniers I did not use the Carrier on the front. Thanks Meli for your Comments.

Ryan said...

On my "back-up" bike I had the same issue with the bell. The handlebar was too thick.

I'm very jealous of your Dutch bike also!

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan .I was afraid to attach the Bell to the Thinner part of the Bar to the left because it might interfere with the Brake function and I did not want to strip off some of the Bar Tape. It would be to inconvenient and I would probably have to redo the Tape so I had to adapt it. The same problem with the Light it is held on with Plastic Ties.

The Dutch Bike is great but it is heavier than other Bikes. So not great for going up the Steep Hills. It is fine for the City Hills and the Coast though.

Ryan said...

Fortunately the bike I had a difficult time putting it on had no brakes or gears, it just a good old one speed with coaster brakes.
It did however have this foam type grip all over it. I was debating if I should take it off, though I managed to get the bell on.
I can't get my mirror on the bike though.

l' homme au velo said...

I was debating whether to get a Mirror once then did not bother with it,one less thing to Rob off your Bike.
I have not actually seen anybody with a Mirror on a Bike here at all in Ireland although some People use them in the UK where the Traffic is worse than here.
They might be useful for Touring on narrow Country Roads where you can get Mad Drivers who do not seem to Obey the Speed Limits. Not many People Cycle in the Countryside and they do not expect to see a Cyclist. It is really bad at Night with no Lights at all on the Country Roads save for Villages and Towns and when you leave them you go back into Total Darkness.

So if you are Touring in Ireland or Britain then plenty of Lights is needed to actually see where you are going.That is why I prefer Dynamo Lights at least if your Batteries in your spare Lights run out you will still have a Light.