27 August 2010

Dublin Critical Mass Saint Stephens Green 6.00pm 27thAugust 2010

At the End of the Critical Mass at the Garden of Rememberence,Giving the Victory Salute of Bikes.

 Myself giving the Victory Salute .

Critical Mass coming down Dame Street.

Waiting for a few more Cyclists to turn up for C Mass At St Stephens Green.

Waiting for the Rain to stop before going on C Mass.
Ice Cream Bike Man waiting for the Rain to stop on St Stephens Green.


Ryan said...

It seems like Dublin's bicycle community is starting to grow.

I love the Ice Cream guys bike. Much nicer than ours here.

l' homme au velo said...

These Ice Cream Bikes are only Relatively new on the scene since last Year I think. A touch of the Italian Style with the Hats on their Heads.

A lot of Bikes now around Dublin,some very interesting Old Raleighs getting Resurrected and Pashleys and Dutch Bikes on the scene. A lot of interest in Sit up and Beg Old style City Bikes. Women seem to prefer this style of Bike most of all.