01 August 2010

Une Grande Petit Manifestation Critical Mass á Dublin 30/7/2010

We had a Critical Mass as usual beginning at St Stephens Green on the last Friday of the Month A great Day was had by everybody. A few had Vuzvuzelas those annoying Plastic Bugles they are getting Banned from the English Premier League Soccer Games ,a Hangover from the South African World Cup. A few Girls with Bear Company Dutch Bikes and Grenaer Electric Bikes were Chatting away but they did not take part only the Guy with the Electric Bike.

We met a Couple of Hen Party Girls on Dame Street Heading off to a Party Presumably and I took two Photos and Talked to them for a few seconds before going after the Peloton again.We finally Ended up at the Garden of Rememberance on Parnell Square and Gave a Cyclists Victory Salute lifting our Bikes over our Heads.That is me with the Blue Striped Tee Shirt.

Then a lot of us headed off to Seomra Spraoi and had a look at the Film of New York Critical Mass of 2005 When the Police suddenly went Mad and Attacked the Cyclists very Brutally and Arrested over 400. Resulting in loads of Lawsuits against the Police.

Lastly my Dinner when I got Home,Organic Home Grown Potatoes and Cabbage and Mackeral Fish washed down with some nice Danish Tuborg Lager and a big Mug of Coffee.


slavkosnip said...

This is Great and Nice Manifestation:)

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Slavkosnip. There was around 60 Cyclists this time round. There was around the same last time as well so it is slowly getting bigger.

This Critical Mass has only been Reinvented again for 10 Months or so after a lay off of 5 Years. There is usually only around 15 - 30 Cyclists that turn up so it is getting better.

It is not Budapest or New York or Barcelona with 20,000 but we live in hope that some day it will have the same Numbers.

Adrienne Johnson said...

OK. When I get to Dublin (one day) we are going to ride in CM together. I will not be lifting my bicycle over my head, though : )

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Adrienne for your Thoughts,I will look forward to that Day .The more the Merrier arrive the better you will be very welcome.

We have all sorts of People turning up for it,a good Sprinkling of them are from other Countries. Every so often someone from the United States turns up for it. Last Month we had a Middle Aged Chap from the US on his Touring Bike,I would say he was around 65.

He told us he often comes to Ireland and brings his Bike over with him.He does up Bikes and Assembles them in his spare time. So a real Bike Afficinado. You might see his Picture in a previous Post of mine about the Critical mass he is in a Yellow Cardigan and Hat with a Moustache.

Ryan said...

Just the word Vuzvuzela has my ears ringing! Good to hear the English Premier League will be banning them. Hopefully other leagues will follow.

Can't believe that NYC cop incident was 5 years ago. Seems like it happened recently. Shame nothing really ended up happening with him. He should have been charged with assault.

Your dinner looks great also!

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Ryan,The Film was from 2004 - 20005 NYC Critical Mass. The Cyclists said everything was Peaceful and the Police was getting on great with them as they had been for 10 Years then suddenly they must have got the Order to Attack and they went Mad.

The Chief of Police tried to seize a Video Camera from I think it was a Woman Reporter and bashed the Hand off her in his Attempt to get it and damaged her Hands.

They Arrested 400 Cyclists and banned their Bikes and threw them on a Truck.

They roughed up the Cyclists very badly. The Film concentrated on one specific Police Chief because of his Violence.