04 August 2010

Trip to the Phoenix Park on Saturday July 31/7/10

It was a nice Day on Saturday so I decided to go for a Spin in the Phoenix Park. That Marvelous Huge Park to the West of the Metropolitan Area of Dublin City. Besides which I was due to hand in the New Bike for it's first 30 Day Service on Tuesday and I wanted to put in a few more Miles on it to loosen it up as it were. I decided to look at the Cricket Match for awhile not really understanding the Rules of the Game after all these Years. It is very much like Baseball although played with a Rectangular Wooden Bat. I will tell you one thing it is very good for sending you to Sleep. I felt myself falling asleep Leaning against the Rail and only the slight fall of Rain kept me awake.

I then went off for a Spin around the Park and looked at the Fallow Deer,then past by the Abandoned Old Magazine Fort which Held all the Munitions for the British Army back in the Day. It is a Pity they do not use this for something what a waste,turn it into an Art Gallery or Museum.

Eventually I started off for Home around 4.30pm and when I got to Ballybough Road I ran into the Crowds coming out of the National Football Stadium Croke Park. Dublin and Tyrone were Playing against each other and there was other Matches on that Day .The Roads were Blocked and the only ones getting through were Cyclists like myself. They have actually put Cycle Parking outside the Grounds on Jones Road it is not much about 12 Parking Stands and it is those Wheel Benders that I Hate but still it is something.

At the Corner of Clonliffe Road I seen a Cycle Cop Dressed up like Judge Dredd or something out of Flash Gorden like one of the Vulcans from the Planet Vulcan. Someone was Selling Greasy Hamburgers and other Junk Food from their Three Wheel Bike Food Stand.

Cycling has really arrived when you see this ,bit by bit People are Selling Food and Ice Cream and Drinks from Three Wheeled Bike Stands.


Ryan said...

It's nice to see deer's that close up. We have quite a few deer that roam the different wooded areas in the region here.
Last time I saw one was when I was riding along the Welland Canal trail.

Since I was a kid we've had people going around on bikes (similar to the hot dog guy) who sell ice cream during the summer. Unfortunately it's a seasonal thing and only ice cream.

You can tell by the way others parked, they dislike those type of bike racks as well. With those kind of bike racks I always aim for the ends.

How do most people get to the football matches there? I noticed that in many European cities, not all that many people drive to matches. They usually walk or take transit.
In North America if you go to a sporting event, I'd say nearly 85-90% of people drive (or are at least passengers).

l' homme au velo said...

These Deer would be a bit more Tame than Wild Deer in Canada although they are not really at ease with People so you can only go so close and then they are away.

Around 10 15 Years ago more of the Roads were open to Traffic in the Park and there was some Fatalities with Deer getting Killed. Then they closed off a lot of Roads and brought in Lower speed Limits so not as much now.

You can get a few Lunatics at Night though doing nasty Stuff sometimes and on very rare Occasions they Attack the Deer or Crash into them .

These Three Wheel Food and Ice Cream Bikes are gradually making a return to the City now I will post some more about them.

As regards getting to the Matches there is the Train Service CIE and Bus Eireann The National Country Bus Service and Private Bus Coach Services from all over the Country and the Authorities prefer this.

A lot of People Drove to the Matches as well but they brought in Massive Restrictions on Parking close to the Grounds because of Complaints from the Residents. Over the Years these Restrictions were Tightened up and Cars are getting Pushed out further away. The only Exemptions were Coach Buses but even these are kept to within a KM or more away on Mountjoy Square.

The Majority of Country People just prefer the Train and Coach Buses and do not mind walking into the City about 3 KM away Depending on which Train Station they are getting to. There is Connolly Station in Amiens Street if Traveling to the North like Belfast or to Wexford in the South East.

Then there is Houston Station in the West of the City if going to Cork ,Kerry, Kilkenny or Waterford. They have to use the Tram to get to Houston Station from the City Centre at Amiens Street.

It is just not worth the Hassle of Bringing a Car to the City no long Term Parking and the Costs are Dear to Park it for a long time in those Multi Storey Car Parks in the City Centre. Far more comfortable on the Train traveling a long Distance from the Country like the City of Cork.