26 August 2010

Spins to Howth,Problem with a Saddle.

On Sunday I took a leisurely spin out to Howth and Enroute I stopped at the Traffic Lights at Dollymount. Then when I got on the Saddle again to move off when the Lights changed to Green I fell a Lump under me. I felt around and did not seem to find anything wrong without actually getting off the Bike.

I had the strange sensation of being somewhat higher on the Bike and said that is strange. I eventually got to Howth and discovered the Saddle had Peeled back. I was just getting used to this Saddle when this happened as the Bike is only two months Old. I flipped it back and wondered if it was any use sticking it . When I had got on the Bike at the Lights back in Dollymount my Trousers Seam must have caught the Nose of the Saddle and pulled it back. I was able to Cycle around Howth and then go Home without me catching it again,I just had to be careful.

When I got Home I took the Leather Saddle I had on the Trek and put it on the Dawes and put the Bontrager Saddle back on the Trek as I will be selling this Bike Hopefully. Since I got the new Bike I have been gradually raising the Seat Stem every so often and adjusting the Saddle to make it more comfortable. This I did again when I put the Leather Saddle on so I went off on Monday to Howth again to check it out. I slapped on some Brooks Proofide Polish to Soften it up a bit more before heading off. Seems fine now and the Height of the Seat Stem is better less Strain on my Knees.

The first couple of Pictures are the Yacht School Sailing Boats heading for the Harbour as it was getting Choppy on the Sea. Next are two Pictures of the Harbour Seals. Then two Pics of the Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band one is of the Bagpipes being Tuned by an Electronic Tuner. Next two are of the broken Gel Saddle. Then Three of the Brooks B17 Champion Standard Saddle which I have for over a Year.


m e l i g r o s a said...

sorry to see that happened with your saddle, this past week my saddle also gave out - was it that week for all saddles to go on strike?! :D

Im also gettin a brooks saddle soon. cant wait to see your new adventures with the new saddle!

xxo from San Francisco -meli !!

l' homme au velo said...

Hello Meligrosa.It is not a New Brooks Saddle now it is over a Year Old and has been on various Bikes. I might get rid of a Bike but I just put the Brooks Saddle on the New Bike eventually.

I have three Brooks Saddles on different Bikes and never had trouble with them unlike Gel Saddles which seem to fall apart.

However when you get your Brooks you have to soften it by putting Proofide Polish on it and Polishing it off after an Hour then Ride your Bike for a Hundred Miles then more Polish then another Hundred Miles and so on until it is Comfy,you just have to break it in unfortunately.

In America you can get Neatsfoot Oil and Soak the Saddle in that it is supposed to make it softer quicker but Brooks do not recommend doing this. However Sheldon Brown said it is the best way to soften it.

I am sorry to hear about your Saddle falling apart it is the second time for me with a Gel Saddle to break up.

Best Regards from the Emerald Republic to all the Cyclists in San Francisco.

Ryan said...

One seat that I loved had so many rips and tears, I ended up duct tapping the entire thing.

It did work for a while, then when we started to get the real humidity the tape started to really stick.

Fortunately I have a bunch of seats in reserve.

l' homme au velo said...

The Gel Saddle was comfortable it was grand for long Rides unlike other Saddles I had. I had no problem with it until I wore my Black Canvas Jeans.

Then after 5KM I felt peculiar underneath and I felt around without getting off the Bike. I felt high up but I kept going until Howth.

The only thing I can surmise went wrong was that the Trousers caught on the Nose of the Saddle and it was not Glued on sufficiently.

I certainly was not Cycling like Crazy on the Bike. I have gone on a lot of local Trips of about 18KM and a couple of far Trip of 90KM but not enough usage to cause much wear.