28 December 2010

Premiere Sortie sur mon Velo apre Jour Noel,First Bike Ride after Christmas Day.

Outside Tesco's Supermarket on Kilmore Road before Christmas Day

Surly LHT on the West Pier  Howth

The Surly LHT and I on the West Pier Howth

Harbour Seal waiting for People to give it Fish at Howth

At last the Thaw set in on Christmas Night and continued on Saint Stephens Day. The Temps rose from - 10C before Christmas Day to 8 C on St Stephens Day but with Patches of Ice still on the Paths and Roads. The 27th came along with Temps rising to 11Celsius and only tiny bits of Slush,as I was suffering from Cabin Fever I decided to go for a spin at 3.00pm on the Surly LHT. I headed off out to Raheny then onto the Cycleway out to Sutton then Howth Village.

It was getting very Gloomy with the Rain falling and slowly getting darker. There was still little bits of Ice here and there but I could hardly see it with the Rain on my Specs and I had to keep wiping the Lenses every so often with my Fingers. This was the Third time to be on this Bike since I got it on the 24th of November. Because of the Snow and the two falls I had on the Dutch Bike I just stopped Riding in the Snow. The second time out a small problem cropped up with the Bike,the Chain began to hit off the front Mech Cage particulary in high Gear. So before I left the House I decided to try and fix it. I put the front Gear on the Granny Gear which is the big Chain Ring and the Rear Cassette on the high Gear which is the small Gear. Then I loosened one of the two little Screws ,the right one on the Derailleur a bit and tightened it a bit,then it righted itself and all was fine,no Clanking off the Mech Cage.

Out on the Cycleway at Sutton there was a strong Breeze coming from the Sea on my right and I could feel it pushing me over a bit  but it wasnt impeding my progress much. The Rain was blowing into my face and I had to keep wiping it off my Spectacle Lenses with my Fingers. The Sea was coming in and you could hear it bashing off the Sea Wall.It really felt good to be out Cycling along really Invigorating. Loads of People out Walking and Dog Walking and Jogging and a few People on Road Bikes,they seemed glad to get out of their Houses like me possibly for the first time for Days because of the Snow.
I got to Howth and took a few Photo's of myself and the Seals then headed Home and when I got to Clontarf I continued on the long way up the Cycleway back Home.  With some stretches of Ice on the Cycleway of 10 metres or more every so often,I just got off and walked it each time I came to the Ice .

Total distance I had covered was 30 KM or 19 miles.The Surly was very smooth and dependable with no Twitching of the Steering,it held the Route solid and true,it was a Pleasure to Cycle on it but what would you expect from a Tourer it did what it said on the Brochure Brilliant Bicycle.

24 December 2010

Joyeaux Noel Happy Christmas everybody keep on Cycling,one less Car.

New Brook's Flyer Saddle on my Surly LHT Photographed in between the two Cold Spells of Vicious Wintery Weather. Firebrigade and Ambulance nasty Stuff happens this time of the Year.The Dutch Bike, I was caught in the New Outbreak of Snow on Monday the 20th when I left the Supermarket.The only People in the Park is those with their Dog,s.Icy Conditions on the Roads.There  is supposed to be a Thaw on St Stephen's Day but it will be a very slow one with Icy Rain and bits of Snow. Cant wait to go off on my Bike for a spin. Need Knobbly Tyres badly for the Wintery Weather.

21 December 2010

19th & 20th Dec 2010 The Dublin Flea Market,Critical Mass, Finally the Snow arrived.

The Snow had come back to  the UK & Ireland on Thursday the 16th Dec it Crept down from the North in Donegal to the West then the Midlands and was approaching Dublin gradually but held off from hitting the Dublin area,we were lucky for a few Days but there was a heavy Frost and Ice in the Night Time. There was a  Slight Dusting of Snow on Friday Night and on Saturday but that was all with Ice on the Roads. Then Sunday came along and the Weather was Beautiful with Sun but it was very Cold but tolerable all the same and I went on the Critical Mass Special Edition. Because of Christmas and the Dark Evenings it was decided to hold a Special one at 2.00pm instead of the End of the Month at 6.0pm.

I went into the City at 12.30 am and went to the Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket Square. I had a look at Bespoke Cyclery Stand at the nice Vintage Racer they had and their other stuff then had a look indoors then headed off to Saint Stephens Green to Critical Mass. There was only four of us at 2.00pm so we decided to wait for 15 - 20 minutes,then bit by bit more showed up and we eventually had ten Cyclists. So we headed off at 2.25 pm down Dawson Street with some Whoops and Hollers and shouting about Dumping the Car and using Bicycles and getting Rid of Carbon usage etc. We reached O'Connell Street and the Polish Girl said we should go to the Phoenix Park and have some Crackers and Hummous so we did. We had a great time in the Park and sat down at the Picnic Tables and Dunked Crackers into Hummous and had a Mini Picnic. I said if I had known we were going to End up here I could have brought a Trangia Stove and a Coffee Pot or a Kettle and had Tea or Coffee and maybe bring some Food as well a well maybe next time. So we had a Photo Shoot of ourselves at the Table and with the Bikes. Then we went to Shomra Spraoi/ Fun Room in Belvedere Court and had some Refreshments and watched the Film of the San Francisco Critical Mass. We are Traffic.There was bits of Snow Falling while in the Phoenix Park.

The Next Day Monday the 20th I went to the Supermarket at 4.00pm,Weather was lovely but very Cold. While I was inside I heard the Shop Staff say it was Snowing out really bad, Sure enough it was Trundling down so I took a few Photos of it. On the way Home I slipped on the Icy Road and came off the Bike,People came over to see if I was alright and I thanked them and continued on my way  but it was to Slippy on this Road and walked to the main Road before Cycling again. When I got to my Estate I just Walked because it was even worse. It looks like we will have the Snow until Christmas Eve and then a Thaw with higher Tempson Christmas Day.

28 November 2010

Bike's on Demonstrations,Snow and New Tourer.

I went to Critical Mass as usual on Friday Night the Dawes Audax had a Puncture so I decided to take the Dutch Bike. It went off very well Twenty Cyclists turned up for it only . This might have been because of the Freezing Weather or because of not much Publicity. I dont have any Pictures because I forgot the Camera. We had Tea in Shomra Spraoi/Fun Room after the Critical Mass ,the Alternative Social Club and a little Chat as you do. It had gotten really bad after I left to Cycle Home,with Ice forming on the Cars at 10 pm.

In the Nightime bad Thunder and Lighting at 3.30 am and then loads of Snow falling covering everywhere. It is unusual to get it so early if at all, we usually only get it in the New Year in January or February. The Next Day I headed off to the National Demonstration against the Government and the Austerity measures they are trying to bring in. I brought the Dutch Bike with me and was able to proceed fine in the Snow until I was going the last few Metres of our Estate onto the main Road. Then I slipped on a piece of Ice,I tried to remain upright but fell sideways but did not hurt myself because of the extra Clothes I had on ,I only though about Deflating the Tyres a little bit to give me more Traction Today . I picked myself up and twisted the Ding Dong Bell back into position and headed off to the City and Christchurch Cathedral  at the start of the Demo. I kept meeting People on the way into Town  I knew either going to the Demo or else going about their Business in spite of the Snow on their Bicycle's. I met a few more People I knew on the March to the GPO with their Bikes.

I also got a new Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bike last week and it is Beautiful. It is  26'' wheels with Contact City  Tyres and a WTB  Saddle which I dont like. I went off and bought a Brooks Flyer Saddle and Bottle Cage's and a Bottle of Bike Cleaning Fluid. It looks like we will have this Snow for a Week or two it seems.

Pics are Myself on Gerty the Dutch Bike, Woman with Bike and Child on Demo, Protestor on O'Connel Monument in O' Connell Street, Snow in Gardens and my Road, The New Surly LHT.

01 November 2010

Halloween Social Cycle around the Coast to Dun Laoghaire 31/10/10

It was Raining all Night and continued into the Morning Time as I headed off from my House and I put on my Overtrousers. This was at 9.50am and as I continued along the Road the Rain finally stopped and after an Hour later I eventually took them off well into our Cycle. It was a very enjoyable Cycle we started off from the RDS  Showgrounds Merrion Road Ballsbridge at 10.50am. No hurry nice and Leisurely we had Plenty of time to admire the scenery of all the Old Majestic Red Brick Houses along the Route . Because it was Sunday Morning  very little Traffic on the Road and we could Relax without having to watch for some Nasty  Motorist trying their best to Crash into us.

We continued along the Coastal Road all the way to Dun Laoghaire/ Dun Leary/ Formerly Kingstown back when before Independence and changed back to Dun Laoghaire. This Town is very Sedate very much like Brighton in England full of the Grand Old Houses of the Wealthy Elite back in the Day but now for a Grand part turned into Apartments.

It was too early for Lunch being it only 11.50 am so we went to the Peoples Park and Strolled around looking at the Sunday Market then took Photo's. Then we went about 3 - 4 Km  2miles up the Road to Dalky and Bulloch Harbour and more Photo's  and looked at the Seals the Rocks and the Sea and  Sky then eventually had Lunch in a small CafĂ© in Dalky Village.

On the way back we stopped of at the Jame's Joyce Martello Tower of Ulysse's Fame and had a look at the Forty Foot Bathing Spot, then continued along the Coastal Route back to Dun Laoghaire then eventually back to Ballsbridge and said  our Goodbyes to each other on a very Enjoyable Day out. It was still only 3.30pm so I said to them I was going up to the Dublin Flea on Newmarket Square thinking that they might want to tag along but no they decided to go Home.

So I went off into the City and Kevin Street beside St Patricks Cathedral then Dean Street and then New Row South then into Newmarket Square and had a Browse around the Stalls but did not buy anything. I had a look at Bespoke Cyclery and a Leather Saddle they had for Sale and expressed my Interest but held off buying it until another time perhaps then headed Home.

I  got back Home and it still was only 4.45pm it was getting Dark because of the Clocks going back the Night before.