21 December 2010

19th & 20th Dec 2010 The Dublin Flea Market,Critical Mass, Finally the Snow arrived.

The Snow had come back to  the UK & Ireland on Thursday the 16th Dec it Crept down from the North in Donegal to the West then the Midlands and was approaching Dublin gradually but held off from hitting the Dublin area,we were lucky for a few Days but there was a heavy Frost and Ice in the Night Time. There was a  Slight Dusting of Snow on Friday Night and on Saturday but that was all with Ice on the Roads. Then Sunday came along and the Weather was Beautiful with Sun but it was very Cold but tolerable all the same and I went on the Critical Mass Special Edition. Because of Christmas and the Dark Evenings it was decided to hold a Special one at 2.00pm instead of the End of the Month at 6.0pm.

I went into the City at 12.30 am and went to the Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket Square. I had a look at Bespoke Cyclery Stand at the nice Vintage Racer they had and their other stuff then had a look indoors then headed off to Saint Stephens Green to Critical Mass. There was only four of us at 2.00pm so we decided to wait for 15 - 20 minutes,then bit by bit more showed up and we eventually had ten Cyclists. So we headed off at 2.25 pm down Dawson Street with some Whoops and Hollers and shouting about Dumping the Car and using Bicycles and getting Rid of Carbon usage etc. We reached O'Connell Street and the Polish Girl said we should go to the Phoenix Park and have some Crackers and Hummous so we did. We had a great time in the Park and sat down at the Picnic Tables and Dunked Crackers into Hummous and had a Mini Picnic. I said if I had known we were going to End up here I could have brought a Trangia Stove and a Coffee Pot or a Kettle and had Tea or Coffee and maybe bring some Food as well a well maybe next time. So we had a Photo Shoot of ourselves at the Table and with the Bikes. Then we went to Shomra Spraoi/ Fun Room in Belvedere Court and had some Refreshments and watched the Film of the San Francisco Critical Mass. We are Traffic.There was bits of Snow Falling while in the Phoenix Park.

The Next Day Monday the 20th I went to the Supermarket at 4.00pm,Weather was lovely but very Cold. While I was inside I heard the Shop Staff say it was Snowing out really bad, Sure enough it was Trundling down so I took a few Photos of it. On the way Home I slipped on the Icy Road and came off the Bike,People came over to see if I was alright and I thanked them and continued on my way  but it was to Slippy on this Road and walked to the main Road before Cycling again. When I got to my Estate I just Walked because it was even worse. It looks like we will have the Snow until Christmas Eve and then a Thaw with higher Tempson Christmas Day.


Trevor Woodford said...

Some great pics here - I hope you weren't badly hurt with the fall from the bike.

l' homme au velo said...

No I had extra Clothes on against the Cold,extra Cardigan,Tee Shirt,Overtrousers. I had one Leg out to correct against a slide and this helped.

This is the second time in three weeks that I fell in the Snow.These big thick Schwalbe Marathon Tyres are very comfortable and very Puncture Resistant and great for Potholes but not that good for Snow and Ice. The Bike is Heavy and if you Deflate the Tyres a bit like you are recommended it just gets that bit harder to Cycle especially up the Hills out of the City.

Although the Route to Tesco's Artane is not uphill and about 3KM or 1 1/2 Miles away from me so I could have Deflated them a bit on way out of the Supermarket.

This Snow is supposed to Thaw on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

I would like to get Knobbly Tyres for the Surly at least for the Winter Time if this is going to be a Regular thing now every future Winter.

The Councils are really Horrible for not providing Grit or Salt on Secondary Roads and they just kep running out of the Stuff.