08 October 2008

The First Entry of my New Blog

First of all this Blog will be mostly about Cycling Infrastructure. What I would like to see happening in my Country for improving the Lives of Cyclists. Making things more Safer and therefore more comfortable for those who like to Ranndonee on there Bicycles. We have Cycle Lanes now for a few Years but they are to narrow ,what I would like to see is Lanes at Least ft 7- ft8 wide like they have in Copenhagen. How I envy them with their Beautifully wide Cycle Lanes .

Also I will put other stuff in it naturally ,about the Weather ,The Colour of the Sky, the Price of things, Bicycle Accoutrements, nice Bicycles, Dogs Cats but mostly about Bikes.


David Hembrow said...

Don't sell yourself short with narrow bike paths ! You can find better than 7-8' wide bike lanes...

Newer cycle paths here are 4 metres wide (i.e. a bit over 12') if bidirectional and 2.5 or 3 m wide ( 8 - 10' ) if single direction. At junctions the bike paths widen and are sometimes 5 m wide. There are also several km of a 5 m wide "bicycle road" in this city.

le homme au la velo said...

Thanks David Hembrow for your comments,I always enjoy Reading your Blog about your Excellently made English Willow Baskets for Bikes and other uses and also your Topics about Bicycle Culture in Amsterdam.I am very interested in your New Wide Cycle Lanes of 2.5-3 metres and 4 metres bidirectional Lanes,we have a long way to go. We proceed at a Snails pace in the Emerald Republic. If ever I get another Dog I will be sending over a Request for one of your Baskets for my Bikes .