28 January 2009

Parking on the Cycle Lane,not a care in the World

This is Harcourt Street outside Harcourt Square the Main Police Forensic Centre and most of these are Probably Police Cars. They are all Parked on the Cycle Lane with not a care in the World. These Cycle Lanes are supposed to Protect the Cyclist and not for Parking on. Nobody is bothering to enforce The no Parking on Cycle Lanes in Dublin,and anyway it is very Hard to avoid being Doored when you are on these Lanes with Motorists not looking when they get out of their Cars.


theurbancyclist said...

Thanks for taking a photograph. Very selfish of them.

le homme au la velo said...

I dont know whether you have been over here in Dublin since we got Cycle Lanes some Years ago ,I think 8 Years ago. But you will see anytime you look at this Blog and other Irish Cycling Blogs that we have the same Type you have the Narrow Version as they have in UK. Same type of Infrastructure and Planning,instead of going to the European Continent and copying Netherlands ,Denmark, Germany.Thanks Urbancyclist.