22 January 2009

Cycling Fatalities for 2008.

I was just Reading in Relation to the Cyclist being Killed on Harolds Cross Road, Fatalities of Cyclists n 2008.

There was 279 People Killed on Irish Roads Last Year and out of those were 14 Cyclists.

There were 22 Cyclists Killed over the Last 7 Years with 16 being killed by Trucks and 4 by Cars and a Bus,so a Big Problem with Lorries knocking down Cyclists. Be careful out there especially at Rush Hour.


The Jolly Crank said...

That's a problem wherever there isn't good infrastructure. In September of 2008, my metro area had a total of 4 cycling fatalities (fortunately the trend did not continue). The Dutch and the Danes do so much more travel by bike and yet their fatality rate is so small. It's all of a piece, but it starts with good infrastructure.

le homme au la velo said...

There was a lot of Roadworks over the last 5-7 Years with First Natural Gas Pipe Installation,then The Port Tunnel from Dublin Docks to Whitehall and Linking with the M1 and M50 Motorways to take the Heavy Trucks away from the City. So the Roads were in a Heap which led to a lot of Accidents and Cyclists faired worse. Tha Accident rate went Down after the Roadworks were finished but still there are some Fatalities involving Cyclists.
As I have said before somewhere we are mostly the same as the UK same style of Cycle Lanes and attitudes to Cycling by our Governments.
There is a strange Reticence to not annoy the Motoring Lobby in spite of Urgings from Bruxelles to improve the Infrastructure.
The main excuse is that our Cities are Old and the roads are to Narrow to accomodate wide Cycle Lanes, but so is the Netherlands and Denmark.All this will change when more People start Cycling hopefully.