22 January 2009

Cyclist Killed on Harolds Cross Road,Dublin.

A Cyclist in his 30ties was Killed on the 14/1/09 at 10.30 in Morning on Harolds Cross Road by a Cement Mixer outside Rudges Cycle Shop . This Road is always very Congested at any time of the Day and there are often a lot of Accidents.This Story was reported in the Irish Times and I did not see anything about it on Television.

There is no proper Cycling Infrastructure in Dublin with very badly designed Cycle Lanes often very narrow at 2 1/2 Feet. We could do with Segregated Cycle Lanes of 7 1/2 Feet Unidirectional with Parity given to Cyclists at all times. On these Cycle Paths I see signs saying Cycle Path 7 -1900 mon -sat why is this Cycle Lanes should be 24 Hours all Day and every Day including Sunday.
Cars should be Ticketed for Parking and Driving on Cycle Lanes but in Ireland this is not the case with Cars Driving on and Parking on Cycle Lanes.Traffic should not be allowed to cross over the Cycle Path to Park but rather the Cycle Path should be Segregated from Cars in Order for the General Public to see it is safe to Cycle on our Roads then we might get more People using their Bikes.


The Jolly Crank said...

Yes to all. There is a very popular cycle path that I use often to cut west through my city. When it crosses roads, road traffic has priority. You can tell when there's a motorist that is also a cyclist because they will stop and wave you across. Today I had a driver in a large pick-up truck actually speed up so that I couldn't cross.

le homme au la velo said...

You get that over here with Motorists deliberately blocking you sometimes.

When you attempt to turn onto a Smallish narrow Road at a cross Roads sometimes you get Motorists Blocking you so that you dont Block them when they go down the Narrow Road,they always try to rush in front of you.
In relation to the Cyclist being knocked down ,you can View the Picture of the Accident by Typing into Google

Cyclist Knocked down and Killed on Harolds Cross Road Dublin.

It will give you a choice of the Picture from the Irish Times ,Irish Independant,and the Web Site Boards .ie.

I would put the Picture here only I am not sure about Copyright.