03 February 2009

My Back Garden ,Snowy Winters Day.Got some Groceries

It was a very Cold Day Today and it had Snowed again Overnight but cleared up very quickly. Then started again around 3 pm and came down very thickly then stopped and started going into Slush.
I decided I needed Toilet Rolls as I was running low,one on the Rail and one spare. I suppose I did not really have to go out but I was suffering from Cabin Fever and just wanted to go for a Spin really.
It was Raining a little bit on my way to the Supermarket ,Cold stinging Icy Rain. When I took of my Gloves to put the Chain on the Bike my Fingers starting getting Icy and by this time my Gloves were wet.I got a few odds and Ends in the Supermarket and when I came out of it it was Snowing very Heavy with lots of Slush on the Ground. On my way Home it alternated between Sleety Rain and Heavy Snow. Because I had no Overtrousers my Jeans were getting Soaked with Ice Cold Water. After I got Home it was Spilling Sleety Rain for an Hour or so.I shall have to get those Pull Ups badly needed,each time I try to get them there is a problem either they are to Small or else to Dear at the time.

The Roads are not to bad in Dublin City but on the Approach Roads out of Dublin it is still bad with Slushy Snow,like on the Naas Road (Pronounced Nace) and Kilcullen in Kildare.

We are not finished with this Snow yet,it is to Hang around until the End of the Week at least.

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