25 February 2009

Taking a Short Cut Home through the Phoenix Park

All the Pollution Causers taking a short cut through the Phoenix Park out through the Chapelizod Road Gate at around 5.30 pm.

Should be Banned,no Traffic at all should be allowed.

they have blocked off a lot of Roads to Traffic but not enough. This is a beautiful Park and should not be destroyed by Motor Traffic.


The Jolly Crank said...

Amen to this! There are some scenic routes along the Mississippi River in my area that some motorists use as a short-cut. They break the speed limit and just generally junk up the scenery. I hate it when cars do that. Don't they already have enough space and infrastructure without ruining some more?

le homme au la velo said...

This Parkland was worse Years ago for Traffic. They could Drive on all the Roads and a few Deer was knocked down every so often.So they tightened up the Rules on Driving tthrough the Park. But not without Protest from the Motoring Fratrnity as this was part of the General Road System and People would Commute from the City mostly to Castleknock. That was fine up to 1965 when there was not much Traffic on our Roads but then everybody started getting Cars and things just got out of Hand.

This is our Piece of open Countryside almost in the City and Motor TRaffic just Ruins it.

I took some more Pictures if you care to look. Thanks for your Comments.