10 February 2009

Dublin Transportation Office.

The Dublin Transportation Office asked People some time ago during last Year to complete a Survey for them on what they Thought The Greater Dublin Area needed to improve the Quality of Life for People VIS a Vis Transport in Dublin. I gave my Opinion then on what I thought was needed. So I was surprised to get an EMail from them Today asking to do another Survey.

Apparently they are doing Three Consultations finishing in Late 2009 this will cover up to 2016 period. This will eventually provide Data for 2030. So I rattled off my opinion on what was needed to be done.

Explaining that we needed better Cycling Infrastructure, 7 foot Unidirectional Segregated Cycle Lanes Separated from Cars where Cars would not be allowed to cross over them. Pedestrianize the Centre of our Cities and Towns, Transport Facilities like Trains and Buses should be beside the main Shopping Areas, put Cycle Lanes and Walking Facilities in Residential Areas etc.
I sent this off to them and was intending to leave it at that then I decided to send an Email to them in Dun Laoghaire.

I said in theEmail all this is Geared towards 2030 what we want is Results now, most of the Respondents that you asked for an opinion will be Dead by then including possibly me what good is that to us. What good is all these Feasibilty Studies costing a lot of Money when all you have to do is go off to Amsterdam and see what they have ,they have the best Infrastructure in the World. You do not even have to go there,all you do is look at the Web Sites of Amsterdamize .com and Copenhagenize . com to see how good it is.

They replied that the Survey was for 2016 then eventually 2030 and thanked me. I reffered them to my Blog for more Angst if they cared to have a look. They said they would check it out after their IT Department had a look at it. I must have a look at the Dutch Cycling Infrastructure Web Site now to post a Link for them or anybody Else to look at.

The DTO Web Site Link is Dessouss La Paige au Le Gauche.


theurbancyclist said...

Yes, we will all probably be dead by the time the Governments get their cycling act together.

Well said though. Keep up the good work.


le homme au la velo said...

In our case over Here in the Republic it is finally geared towards 2030.

No Doubt they will keep improving things in Dribs and Drabs in the meantime,that is how they Work unless the EU starts Fining the Government over Carbon Emissions. You can have a look yourself by going down to the Link and Clicking it / 2030 Vision.

Thanks Velochick for your comment.

The Jolly Crank said...

That's some straight talking advocacy! Good job!

le homme au la velo said...

At the moment everything is more or less Grinding to a Halt over here because of Recession. If it costs Money they are getting extremely Reluctant to do anything and yet they still like to Spend a lot of Money on New Roads for Motor Traffic and just give a token amount For Cycling Infrastructure.

Thanks Jolly Crank for the comment.