05 February 2009

The Bag of Nuts

I went off to the Supermarket Today and decided to buy a Bag of Nuts for the Starving Birdies.

As the Song Goes

Feed the Birds,Tuppence a Bag ,Tuppence Tuppence ,Tuppence a Bag,

Though Her Words are Simple and Few ,Listen ,Listen She is calling to you.

So said the Old Lady on the Steps of St Pauls,
Mary Poppins


theurbancyclist said...

Great to see you spoiling the birds. I left early and the poor blighter are starving... ahh I will be away this weekend too..


le homme au la velo said...

Yes I kept putting it off or forgetting so this time I got the Nuts. I have been putting out Crumpled Wet Bread with Fat on the Bird Table. I went to put the Nuts in a Nylon Net but it was decayed and fell to bits so I had to crush the Nuts up and put it loosely on the Birds Table. I will have to get some New Nut Feeders. Usually the Sparrows Domineer the Blue Tits and mostly keep them away from the Feeders . But now as there is only around Five Sparrows it is easier for the Tits to Eat the Nuts. THe Blue Tits are Eating the Seeds that came out on the Birch Tree and the Coal Tits are Eating the Bread and Nuts on the Bird table also the Two Baack Birds.