05 February 2009

Sustainable Transport for the City of Dublin.

This is me on the way to the Supermarket Today.

I got a Girl to Photograph me but the Battery fell out of the Camera,and I had to take my Gloves off to Settle it back into the Camera.

The Government Published a Statement Today saying they wanted to improve Sustainable Transport,Get more People to use Public Transport,Walk more ,and get over a 100,000 People to use the Bike for Commuting. This is just all Propaganda,it has been said before.
They have Increased the Fare on Trains and Buses and also removed 270 Buses off the Roads in an Economy move so putting more People out of Work.
The Bicycle Infrastructure is very Bad,they just copied Britains with their very narrow Cycle Lanes.
If they want to improve things for Cyclists ,we would need Segregated 7 feet wide Cycle Paths and Parity over Motor Vehicles on the Road. No Parking on or driving over Cycle Lanes,make it safe for People to Cycle. On a Day like Today we badly need Segregated Cycle Lanes because of the Snow. If we fall of our Bikes on a Segregated Bike Lane at least we will not fall into the Path of a Car or Lorry.


theurbancyclist said...

The roads look really bad there, even worse than where I was.

That red jacket really stands out it the snow. Motorists won't miss you.

Good point about getting more cycle lanes because it is dangerous for us to cycle on slushy roads.


le homme au la velo said...

Bear in mind that this is not the main Road,so they dont really bother to much about Gritting it.There was a few falls of Snow that Day. It has not Snowed so far for two Days but the Icy Snow is taking a while to finally clear off the side Roads.
In my Estate Yesterday on Friday the 6th there is still bits of Ice on the Ground. A small Jeep type SUV 4+4 came up one Road and started to turn down my Road at about 8 mph and went into a Skid on the Ice,Her Back wheels Skidded 4-5Feet sideways. So bits of Ice here and there still.The Weather is Beautiful but Cold Today after the Frost of -4-5 Celsius Overnight. It is Predicted that more Snowfalls in the Night. Some parts of the Country is still bad outside the City. WE will have this Snowy Weather until Monday.