25 February 2009

Arthur Wellesley ,The Duke of Welington

This Monument is Dedicated to Arthur Wellesley ,The Duke of Wellington who was born in Dublin in Marlborough Street. He was the British General that Helped Defeat L,Emperor Napoleon Bonapart at Waterloo in 1815.

A Monument Basically Dedicated to the British Raj. A final Peak of Imperial Capitalist Triumphalism in Ireland. I wonder what it would cost to Build Today,going on what it cost to put up a 3 Metre or 9 Foot Statue of Queen Mary on a Stone Plinth a few Days ago in the Mall beside Buckingham Palace which was £ 2,000,00 Million Sterling. This thing would have cost Today a Couple of Hundred Million as it is around 200-300 Feet in Height. Still it is a Nice Monument and Dublin would be Poorer without it. It is a Great Pity Napoleon Lost I would have liked him to Win. He is Revered in Ireland as a Great General and Hero.

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