09 February 2009

Fatal Accident of Cyclist in London.

I just picked this up from http//www.crapwalthamforest.blogspot .com Blog.

A Woman Cyclist was Killed by a HGV while going to her Office in West London on Thursday last. A 30 Year OLd Eilidh Cairns was Killed after being dragged along the Road by the Wheels of a Lorry on the Drivers Blind side, She was taken to the Royal London Hospital but to no avail She Died.

She Loved to Cycle as it provided Healthy Excercise for Her and she Hated the Tube and Buses.

This is all very Familiar,A Woman Cyclist was killed on the Malahide Road at Griffith Avenue Corner in Dublin about three Years ago in the same sort of circumstances. A 40 Footer Lorry was turning up Griffith Avenue and caught her on the inside. I was going to Work down the Malahide Road into the City after 7. 30am and seen the Aftermath .The Woman was already taken to Hospital and her Bike was underneath the Rear Section of the Truck between the front and back Wheels of the Trailer Unit. It had a nice Basket on the front. I dont know who was to blame,but this sort of thing continues to happen all the time so long as huge Lorries are allowed to go through our Cities and Towns.
Since they put in the Port Tunnell from the Dublin Port to the M 1 Motorway at Santry for Trucks this has taken away about 50% of Lorries from the City Streets but we still have Accidents involving Trucks and Cyclists and Pedestrians. We need to take them off our Streets for good or else have them going at a very slow speed in the Centre of our Cities.
The Government needs to put in Segregated Cycle Lanes very badly, restore the Streets to the People and stop being Pro Car centric. Bring in a 30 KPH 19 MPH Speed Limit in our Cities and Towns and Pedestrianize the Centre and make it Safer.


Anonymous said...

All very sad and depressing.

le homme au la velo said...

Ye it is until the Government/s gets it's act together,we will have a Repitition of this again and again.

Thanks Cyclemaniac for your Comment.

spiderlegreen said...

Yep, we need new priorities, away from motorized transportation. They probably tried to blame the cyclist. "She shouldn't have been on that road!" No that lorrie shouldn't have been there.

le homme au la velo said...

Thanks Spiderleggen. The thing is sometimes the Port Tunnell is closed because the Safety Devices are Broke for some reason. They have Emergency Signalling and also these Fans to Blow Exhaust Fumes out of the Tunnel but sometimes they do not Work and the Tunnell is closed forcing Trucks to Come up the Malahide Road and turn up Griffith Avenue on the way to Whitehall and Santry to Access the M1 Motorway or M 50 Orbital motorway around the Outskirts of te City.