12 November 2008

New Bike Jacket.

I went into Dublin City to Easons to Buy a Book, The Third Policeman, and then went to the Hiking Shop, The Great Outdoors in Chatam Street to have a look at a Gortex Jacket I was interested in for wearing on the Bike. I wanted something Bright for the Dark Nights as all my Jackets are Dark either Olive Green or Dark Blue. I decided on Red as I do not like Yellow. I tried on several with the Help of two very Friendly Girl Assistants,and eventually picked this one for €280.00 and some stuff for cleaning it Nikwax Tech Wash and they gave me a free Outdoor Magazine as well. They were very Friendly and Helpful and did not Hassel you and let you get on with choosing what you liked but gave good Advice as well. I can never get anything that I like in Bike Shops but end up in Hiking Shops instead .

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