19 November 2008

At Last Appointment for Eye Test

After Replying to Http// www.velochickcyclingin4+4country wordpress .com it has encouraged me to make an Appointment for an Eye Test.

I keep getting reminders from Sweden of all Places,that is where they send out the reminders from. I must be on their Computers at Head Office over there. British Cyclochick mentioned about getting an Eye Test and New Contact Lenses.

I have a Moxey load of Old Specs in Cabinets and Drawers all over the House that I kept for Spares but it is getting out of Hand,I will have to try and Recycle them. The Appointment is for Tomorrow or rather later on in the Morning as it is now 2.15 am and it is at 1.00pm on the 19 of November. My Eyes are beginning to suffer from Eyestrain when Reading,I am constantly bending my Head up and down to try and Focus the Specs on the Page. I am Reading that Book I got at the Weekend Last (The Third Policeman by Flann Obrien) Real Name Brien O' Nolan ,also he used the Name Myles Na Gopaleen( The Little Horse) He could not use his Real Name as he Worked in the Irish civil Service as a Secretary to Government Ministers. A sort of Irish Version of Sir Humphrey from that Series Yes Minister

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