19 November 2008

Lady with the Azor.

I was in Dublin City for to get my Eyes checked,and I saw this Woman with Her lovely Dutch Azor Bike and it looks like one of David Hembrows Baskets she has. These are getting very Popular now by Both the Female and Male of the Species as they are Handy for one's Briefcase, Groceries , Or Doggy. She Told me she has the Bike New since 2001 although it is a bit Battered, it gets plenty of use. These Dutch Bikes are very comfortable ,I know because I have an Azor myself and can testify to that. I have seen this woman before in South King St but did not get the chance to Photograph the Bike.


mindcaster said...

Nice catch, John! Did you tell David? He'd like that.


le homme au la velo said...

I thought I would give him a plug,as he sells nice Baskets. I do not know if it was actually his. But because you cannot get these Bikes in Ireland only in Netherlands or in Britain she more than likely chose one of his Baskets when over there in Netherlands. I got one or two Replies from David Hembrow on Bikes on this Blog so he is bound to see it.My Dog Died a couple of Months ago and I mentioned if I got another it would be a Small Dog and I would get one of his Baskets to bring it into the City with me. Thanks.This Blog I notice is using American time I will have to try and correct that to GMT. 2.25pm GMT.