19 November 2008

Specks for Africa

I was down at Speck Savers in Henry Street Today for my Eye Test and Ordered New Glasses.

I checked out about Recycling my Old Specks as they are all over the House and some are Manky Dirty with Grease and Hairs from Lying around after Collecting the Detritis of Years in Cuboards.

So here is the Collection the Majority are of the Deirdre Barlow Variety with two or three of the more Modern Style.
I asked in the Optician where would they be going to,as I Preferred that they were not making Money out of it on the side but rather they were being sent to Poor People who could not Afford them like in Africa. The Assistant said first they would be sent to UK and be sorted by Prisoners and they do a very Hard Job at checking what Type of Strength is in the Lenses are they any Good can they be Fixed etc. She said they Work long Hours at it. Eventually they will be sent out to needy People in Africa who cannot Afford Specs. So I will be collecting my New Specs, Two Pairs one will have React Lenses that go Dark with the Sun and the other is Clear Glasses the Two Pairs are Varifocal. At least on the 26 of November next Wednesday I will be able to Read in Peace without my Eyes getting Sore ,Bliss.

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