12 November 2008

The Third Policeman by Flann O' Brien

This was mentioned on Copenhagenize.com as a thoroughly good Read. It is about Three Village Policemen that spend their Days on Bicycles in a Quirky Old World Irish Village set in and around 1920. The Burning Topics of the Day Centres around Bicycles, as the Villagers spend their Entire Lives getting around by Bike.

It is the Story of Unrequieted Love of a Man for his Girl a Bicycle of course. It also is about a Murder Mystery. It is very Funny and I cant Wait to Read it. I went into Dublin City to see if I could get it in Easons Book Shop and sure enough they had it for € 10.95 that is I would say in GBP Pounds around£ 7-8 . I have often heard of this Book but did not know what it was about,it took me all these Years to find out.
The Author Died in 1966 and he Wrote a lot of Books.

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