03 November 2008

Stuff I Bought Today at the Bike Shop

I went to Cycleways Bike Shop in Parnell Street DublinToday to have a look at some Locks and other Stuff that I might be interested in. I discovered they had a Strong Lock for a Motorbike but equally as good for a Bicycle. I said to the Assistant are they Bolt Cutter Proof, he said they are for a Motorbike. I said thats Grand I want it for my City Bike it is just like the ones they have on their Bicycles in Amsterdam. He looked at me as if I had two Heads. I also bought a Pump it is better than the Pump that came with the Bike as it has A Tube three Inches long for sticking in the Valve of the Tyre like the Old style Pumps and not like the Modern Attachment that you just shove the Pump up against the Valve. I bought some Metal Tyre Levers. I have compared the Old Cable Lock against the New Chain Lockwhich is a Trelock and also compared the New Pump against the Old one,far better.


Nick said...

I try not to go into bike shops too often, simply because whenever I do I end up buying stuff that I never, until that moment, knew I needed. But locks are always a good investment. I never go anywhere without two of them - one a permanent fixture on the bike to lock through the back wheel, and the other a long steel cable to weave through the frame, front wheel and whatever bike rack I put the bike into when I leave it (bike theft is a real problem here in Holland).

le homme au la velo said...

Hi Nick. In Ireland Bike Theft is not to bad but I would not like to leave my Bike outdoors as they do in Netherlands particulary in the City Centre. They seem to steal the more expensive Road Bikes and leave the ordinary City and Commuter Hybrids alone, also we have Nutters who Bend your Wheels just for Fun.We have the same here with People having two Locks especially if you are leaving your Bike for Overnight. Usually a Thick main Lock and a thin Cable for the Wheels. it is usually hard to get decent Locks in Bike Shops as they go in for Cable Locks more Here, instead of the Big Chain Locks on Bikes in Amsterdam. A lot of People use Battered Old Bikes for Commuting into the City and use good Road Bikes at the Weekends.Thanks

theurbancyclist said...

At last can use your new blog!

I ought to get another lock.. more expense though!

Will have a look at Ebay


theurbancyclist said...

You can't have enough locks! I seem to go through them like nobodys business and the one I have isn't good. When I get an expensive one my key breaks!

le homme au la velo said...

Velochick ,The Urban Cyclist. Welcome to my New Blog .I do not know what is wrong with the Other one I have had People from the Austin City Cycling Blog unable to comment and I found out by Commenting on there Blog. I seem to be able to Post Pictures easier and get People commenting on this Blog. One U Lock I had I lost the Key and had to Cut it off my Bike by Hacksaw when taking it out of my Shed. I have a few Locks but the New one is very Good. I shall post more Picture on the Blog ,I hope you are enjoying them.