14 November 2008

The Pelican Blood Doner Brooches

These are the Brooches you get from The Blood Doner Board for giving a Pint of Blood in Ireland.

If you give I think it is 15 Pints they give you a Silver Depicted on the Left and A Gold on the Right for 20 Donations and a Special Gold for being Good in giving 50 Donations. So the Blood Donation Service is very Short of Blood and they need it badly at this time of year. So come all you Cyclists and even Motorists and Pedestrians and everybody over the Age of 18 to Draculas Blood Bank and give The Red Stuff.

I said I would Post a Picture of the Badges for A Visitor from the UK on my Site She is http//velochickcyclingin4+4 kent. She has a Load of very Interesting Cycling Blogs and other Blogs .

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