29 November 2008

Nasty Road Rage Incident in Garristown, Nth Dublin.Involving Cyclist's

I came to hear of this second hand from an English Site on Cycling Advocacy Velochicks Site

http//cyclingin4+4country.wordpress.com She got it from http//crapwalthamforest.blogspot.com who is a Cycling Advocat who mainly Dishes the Dirt on Bad Cycling Infrastructure in his Area of london. I am Indebted to him for Highlighting this because I would never know about it.

The Outrage happened on Saturday November 1/11/08 and was reported in Evening Herald on Thursday the 27th of November last.
Dublin Wheelers Cycle Club Training in the Area for 75 Years in Nth Dublin and Meath
A group of 13 Cyclists out Training in Garristown in North County Dublin was Mown down by a Mad Driver who got annoyed that he was Held up by them. The Thirteen Cyclists were sent Flying like Skittles in a Bowelling Ally.One of them Wesley Murphy from Monkstown was seriousley injured thought at first to have Broken his Back was treated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitalin Drogheda for a Broken Collar Bone and Broken Ribs, who it will take him at least Six Weeks to Recover and might still not be able to get back on his Bike for some time. Another Cyclist was dragged for some considerable distance by the Vehicle and his Clothes was Ripped to Shreds,they thought he was seriousely Injured but only Superficially so . 15 Witnesses are Helping the Gardai in Duleek Police Station in Nth County Dublin. A lot of stuff happens that is not reported because a News Person was not on Site at the Time. No Person was Killed so it just becomes a Statistic on Government Files to be Locked away from Sight. Just because it was a Bunch of cyclists nobody was interested or cared very much . This Area of North County Dublin is not far from the Town of Swords, it is a very Rural Area still and a lot of Accidents happen Late at Night and Early Morning Particulary at Weekends because of People coming Home from Clubs and Pubs in Swords and the City of Dublin 12-15 Miles away. Because of it's Location an Accident can Happen and nobody turns up on the Road for awhile, the Area is Deserted of People as it is just all Farmland for Miles. It is a Warren of small Country Lanes and Cars and Trucks Fly along the Roads at Breakneck Speeds and no Police to catch them Speeding along. A lot of Motorists think they just own the Roads and just Hate Cyclists, and they will have to Learn to Share the Roads with other Road users . I hope this Person that did this is eventually Caught and given a Stiff Prison Sentence and put off the Road for Life with also a Hefty Fine of a few Hundred Thousand Euro. This is Attempted Murder,a Deliberate Attempt to Kill People make no mistake about it. In a Proper Country this would Merit a Prison Sentence of Thirty Years but with our Micky Mouse System in The Emerald Republic he would be Lucky to get Six Months only.


Nick said...

I don't think many people actually HATE cyclists. Mostly they don't think about them at all and so are surprised and irritated when they come across one who'sín their way' (as they see it). Not many, though, would - I hope, anyway - go to all that trouble actually to injure cyclists.

le homme au la velo said...

This sort of thing Crops up every so often now in many Countries, I thought we were Immune from this Madness but no we are not.One bad case in Northern Mexico,Sydney Australia, now here in the Emerald Republic. There it appears a lot of very Sad Mental People out there. In the Netherlands they are full of the Joi de Vivre it appears the only sane Country apart from Denmark in the World who Live the Agreeable Life with Cyclists on the Road .Thanks Nick for your Comment.

theurbancyclist said...

I think they do intend to injure cyclists. I've been thrown bottles etc.

I didn't hear about the Sydney one.. any info on that/dates etc.

I wonder if this kind of madness is increasing.

Good Comments.

le homme au la velo said...

Urbancyclist/ In Sydney on the 8thMay 08 it happened at 6.30am in Morning
A Group of 60 Professional Riders was out Training on Southern Drive ,Mascot when a Driver got Agitated at being kept waiting and Accelerated out in Front of Cyclists and then Jammed on causing them to crash into his Vehicle with some going up in the Air and some crashing into each other. Ben Kersten The Olympic Rider damaged his Arm and Shoulder needing Chiropractor Treatment also Woman Champion Kate Nichols her Father Former Champion Kevin Nichols Michelle Ferris Matthew White and othe Pro Riders. A Semi Trailer Lorry Jack Knifed Behind them while Stopping ,also other Cars. Police said they Know the Driver who was with a Woman Passenger. Sydney Morning Herald.http//www.smh.com.au