24 December 2008

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

My Dog Rocky who Died on the 30 of July 08 a former Dogs Aid Dog


Ruth said...

Rocky looked like a real beauty! and most importantly he looks like he was loved and had a great life with you. Dogs Aid are the best! got my little spoilt brat (Fizz) from them a few years ago. He is a complete pet and we adore him too. Lost our beautiful black lab last year, so I know how it feels.. I'm sure Rocky will put another one your way when the time is right. Cheers and all the very best to ya, Ruth.

le homme au la velo said...

Thanks Ruth,Rocky was an Individuals Dog, He Tolerated other People only so much. He got on great with me but was not to Happy with other People. Still he was a Terrific Dog and no Person would try to break in while he was around,which meant no Trick or Treaters at Hollyween they just avoided the House.
I miss him a lot,I still had the Habit of leaving the Door between the Kitchen and Hall open at Night for Him even though he was Dead up to recently.
I probably will get a New Dog/s from the Sanctuary eventually. I am taking a rest enjoying my Freedom ,they are a lot of Responsibility,you cant leave them on their own for very Long. If you want to go away you have to put them in Kennels so it is a lot to think of.
Thanks for your Comments Ruth,Jack.