24 December 2008

Dogs Aid Sanctuary,Meakstown, Finglas Nth County Dublin

I paid a Visit to Dogs Aid Sanctuary Yesterday 22/12/08 as I have not been there in a Good while. They had moved from a Temporary Shelter in Saint Margarets Road at the back of the Airport which they had on Loan for 10 Years to their New Permanent Home at Meakstown. I have been a Member of Dogs Aid for about 8-10 Years and I got my Dog Rocky off them in 1995. Unfortunately Rocky Died on 30 of July Last ,He had to be put to Sleep as he Collapsed and could not get up anymore owing to very Bad Arthritis. He was 13 1/2 Years Old. Dogs Aid has been in Exiestance since I think 1987 and was Founded by Two Women in Ballymun. They could not bare to see Animals Suffering after having been Lost and eventually Ending up in the Dog Pounds and then being put to Sleep . Dogs Aid has a Policy of not putting to sleep any Animal unless it is in Great Pain or Suffering and only at the very last resort,and will try everything to get the Animal Healthy and possibly into a good Home or else they will keep them themselves where they can Live Happily ever after in the Sanctuary. I give them a few Bob sometimes and have Helped them the very very odd occasion. They need People to Contribute to help them as it is very costly to Feed the Animals ,and they have to built the New Sanctuary. So if you can send them a few Bob they are in Dire need always. You can buy A few Bricks for €20 Euro Each and get a Lovely Brick Lego Key Ring for each Brick. Contact Dogs Aid at www.dogsaid .ie. They also do T Shirts as well as Collections in various Supermarkets. Thank you. They are situated at ,go up Mc Kee Avenue past the small Roundabout and go up to Charlestown and at the Roundabout turn left and then right for Meakstown Cottages and at the bottom of Meakstown Cottages go through the Gates and follow the Road down to the Sanctuary.

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