27 December 2008

The Christmas Day Bike Ride

Spotted on the Seafront Promenade at Clontarf,the Chinese Torture Machine. These are New,there is a few of these along the Promenade.Teaching People all about Tai Chi.

A bit of Imagination at last from Dublin City Council. The Idea is to turn these with your Hands in Either Direction to the Right or Left.

A pity they the Dublin City Council do not stretch their Imagination to providing more Cycling Parking Racks around the City. Also a Bit of Imagination is called for by providing more Artistic Shaped Cycle Racks in the Shape of Bike Wheels for instance or Bicycles like they have in other European Countries instead of the Ubiquitous U Shaped mundane PlainBike Racks we have at moment. Take the Boredom out of Dublin Please.


theurbancyclist said...

I like these gym ideas in parks, I understand the UK will have more. I saw one a few months back in Leytonstone, just by Beckham's House. They are great for adults too. I just have to make sure I don't wear a skirt to the park!

You would have thought that Dublin, with all its creative people, would have better designed bike racks.

le homme au la velo said...

This is the first time to see something like this,nice and Colourful to.
we have just Plain Bike Racks in Dublin. The U Bend Variety and the Straight long Bar with Ornamental Black Poles at every few Feet.

They get whatever is Cheapest and do not look Further than their Nose.